1. Feek

    It's nearly time.....

    For the Christmas pud and the Santa hats :D Just over a week go to.... (we haven't tested them with the new forum software yet, what could possibly go wrong?)
  2. Feek

    It's nearly time..... Christmas pud and smilies are here :)

    For the Christmas pud and the Santa hats :D Just over a week go to....
  3. ThundyCat

    It's nearly time.... *** It's time! Christmas hats and the pud ***

    For Christmas pud and Santa hats. :D
  4. Gibbo

    Good website for renting a Villa in EU or Villa Holiday.

    Hi there Couple of years ago I stayed in a couple of incredible Villa's in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui, one was called the "The View" and it was appropriate named. Now I normally leave booking of holidays to someone else, but next year is my turn and I need a Villa ideally that...
  5. guytonhill


    Hello I am medicine faculty student in Turkey. When I graduate my school I want to work in UK. What is the conditions of foreign doctor in UK?
  6. inekmatur

    Hello from Turkey :D

    I am a Kurdish, and I live in Turkey, Izmir. I heard this website from my friend and decide to join. Let's enjoy :D And you can ask me questions about my country, anything you want to learn.
  7. h4rm0ny

    Teaching of Evolution being removed in Turkish schools

    Oh FFS, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40384471 The Turkish minister for education has ordered the removal of a paragraph on evolution in textbooks for 14-15 year olds stating: I believe the modern expression is: "I don't, I can't even..."
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