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  1. Vulture

    HDD weird noise

    I installed brand new sata HDD (wd black), it is in cage at the bottom of PC case, s.m.a.r.t health check says it is ok, but i hear that weird noise, and i can feel vibration in PC case: https://soundcloud.com/user-653106856/voice-002-sd
  2. TwoThumbsFresh

    40MB Hard Drive for Sale

    First post, go easy on me hahaha I have a 40MB Hard Drive here, never been installed, DR Dos 5.0 disk pack still in its wrapper. Everything in its box, which is also immaculate. Where would be the best place to sell this, such a shame to chuck it in the bin. Details: Megacard 40MB Western...
  3. sinkorswim

    New SSD not recognised

    Hi I have my PC up and running, already have an M.2 NVME drive (for windows) and a large HDD for storage/backups. I have installed a WD 3D NAND SSD for games yet it is not recognised anywhere including the BOIS. I have searched Youtube but that just has videos about formatting in diskmanager...
  4. Robbie_G


    Hi, The WD Black drives are one of the best Gen 3 offerings on the market with high speeds, ultra reliable technology and great software to ensure you are getting the best. We currently have a promo running on WD black M.2 SSD drives running from the 22nd May - 2nd June with reduced costs...
  5. clifbel

    Best Warranty Support - Samsung vs WD?

    Good morning all, As the title says I'm asking which of the two companies has the better warranty, RMA support in the UK. I'm looking at either getting a Samsung or Western Digital M.2 SSD for my next build. So hopefully you lovely people who have much more experience than I do may be able to...
  6. Morgan Winters

    New WD-Black HDD Won't Format

    Hi, I bought a 4TB Western Digital Black HDD the other day from Overclockers which came yesterday. When I plugged it in and booted my computer up I noticed that the read arm kepted make those clicking noices that old HDD used to make back in the 1990's (my 1TB WD-Black and 500Gb WD-Blue drives...
  7. Jayke

    Is my SSD likely to be faulty?

    Data Recovery is not required, I am looking for any additional fixes I can possibly try before RMA'ing the SSD and any versed members who could possibly guess or predict on past experiences if its likely another part in my system has caused this potential SSD fault. Motherboard: Gigabyte...
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