New WD-Black HDD Won't Format

12 Apr 2019
Cornwall, UK
Hi, I bought a 4TB Western Digital Black HDD the other day from Overclockers which came yesterday. When I plugged it in and booted my computer up I noticed that the read arm kepted make those clicking noices that old HDD used to make back in the 1990's (my 1TB WD-Black and 500Gb WD-Blue drives are almost silent) and it seemed to do it in some kind of loop pattern. When I opened Computer Manager, Disk Management detected the drive as normal with 3726.01GB of unallocated space. Disk Management then popped up with a message box asking if I wanted to set the drive as a GPT disk or MBR. After clicking on GPT, I then went through the process of creating a new simple volume. Once done the HDD seemed to start formatting, or at least that's what Disk Management said. However the HDD again went into a clicking loop pattern and it took like 6 hours to format (even though I clicked on quick format). Then Disk Management came up with a popup saying that format could not be completed. The drive also sounded like it reset itself serveral times during the "format" process as I heard the platter motor slow down, the read arm home itself like a HDD does when you shutdown a computer. It would then turn itself back on again. The drive also seems to slow down the rest of the computer when you turn the system on and shut it down. At startup, the system takes like 30 second to show the BIOS screen. If I unplug the drive, it takes like 1 or 2 seconds from the time I press the power button.

Does this mean that the HDD is faulty and needs to be RMA'ed back to Overclockers?

Thanks for your time
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