1. Cadder

    Desk Pad / Mat

    Hi all, I'm looking for a decent quality desk mat/pad. We recently made a lovely workstation desk from solid wood worktop and my current desk pad is average. I'm not keen anymore. It's one of those generic items that multiple brand names sell but just stick their name in the corner. I'm after...
  2. Quartz

    Dual Epyc workstation questions

    My brother is looking at a dual-Epyc workstation (2x 64 cores, 256 GB+ RAM, £20k+) and I'm looking to better advise him, so have a few questions. First, how much is the performance difference between quad-channel and octo-channel RAM? Second, how much is the added latency of one CPU accessing...
  3. marlies

    ASUS workstation/WS motherboard warranty

    Has anyone RMA'ed an ASUS workstation/WS motherboard directly recently? How was your experience? I am looking to pick up a X299 WS board for the PCIe lanes and cheap LGA2066 i9 CPU.
  4. WolfHauser

    Looking for a quiet good thermals workstation case no window or RGB

    Hi all, Specs will likely be 3950x or 5950x, 64gb ram, 3080ti (if it comes out) or 3090. The machine will be used for cpu and gpu based rendering (but not a render farm being thrashed all day and night - light to medium usage) as well as Substance Painter and of course, need I say, sweet sweet...
  5. Tommky

    Video editing workstation 3900x 32GB RAM Nvidia 1660 Super

    Hi All, I’ve recently built this computer for video editing Sony A7Siii footage and it’s really slow in premiere pro. Ryzen 3900X Nvidia 1660 super 2 x 16GB 3200Mhz Crucial Ballistix TUF gaming X570 Plus WiFi 1TB Sabrent Rocket Nvme Others seem to be editing A7Siii footage with less...
  6. A.Pendlebury

    PC Spec and Build Assistance

    Hello All I've joined these forums hunting down some help from those better educated than me when it comes to all things PC. Of recent I've been following everything next gen when it comes to gaming as I'm sure many of us have. To the point I nearly ordered myself a Series X till I realised a...
  7. Don007

    Help needed with Ryzen 3700x build

    I am planning to build a new PC after almost 10 years during Christmas holidays. I will be mainly using it for software development(3-4 docker images, wildfly server, Intellij IDE, postgres db, active MQ etc). My son will use it occasionally for gaming (mainly fortnight). I have keyboard and...
  8. Greenify

    New Build for 4k Video Editing

    Hi Guys, could someone recommend me a build for my new 4k video editing workstation I would like to order. My current PC is not capable as it was primarily a budget gaming PC at the time (i5 4690k / gtx 970). I would like to spend in the region of 1500-2500. I will be not need a monitor /...
  9. .cotton

    Bang for buck Workstation CAD 3D Rendering

    Hi all, I’m an architect setting up my own firm and I am looking for a bang for buck desktop. I’m not sure about budget but definitely south of £2k and happy to spend much less if I can get away with it. I’m a computational designer and my workflow is very diverse with software such as...
  10. MiSJAH

    Spec me a CAD/CAM PC for £900?

    As per the title. A mate needs a CAD/CAM desktop with Win 10 and a keyboard. Work has given him a £900 budget. What's the best he can get for the money? Cheers.
  11. JosephC

    Big, Purple and (Slightly) Overkill Editing Rig

    Good evening, So firstly, this build is complete, I just have to split the post into Part One and then some extras to fit all the pictures in... Secondly, this is my first build in a while and my first ever watercooling loop and seeing as it's already installed (and working), please go easy on...
  12. skeletonw00t

    Laptop - Docking to Desktop

    Hi all, I wish to be able to dock my laptop to my Desktop computer screen. however, I also want to be able to use the same keyboard & mouse, without having to unplug them from the PC. Is there a device / docking station, that I can buy - that I simply connect my laptop to, and then it lets...
  13. Nixond1

    Workstation/Home Office Build

    Hey All, I am about to set out on a home office/work station build for a family member, who will be using the system for Microsoft office, web browsing and as a multimedia platform (Netflix, Movies, YouTube, you know the usual stuff. They have a pretty strict budget of £350 but under is better...
  14. G_A


    Hi everyone, I want to get a new professional pc workstation (desktop) since my laptop is quite old (2014). I am using Autocad and 3DS MAX with vray for architectural moideling, rendering and animation and gaming. Do you have any build up to recommend? For example should I be looking for a...
  15. Zotec

    Workstation and gaming questions

    Hello everyone. I am building a rig that will be used for gaming (recording the games), and video editing. So i wanted to know what i should get: Option one - Core i3-8100 with a 1060 6GB Option Two - Core i5-8400 with a 1050 or 1050ti either 2 or 4 GB Both will be on an asrock Pro4 with...
  16. Zotec

    £500 Gaming, workstation rig

    Hello everyone. Im am looking for a casual gaming and light workstation rig for 500 pounds. I will like to use Intel's Coffee Lake Cpu And use an ATX form factor. I appreciate any help, please could you budget with and without a OS. P.S I have a GTX 750 TI which i will use until i get a...
  17. vikingtemplar

    Help Choosing A High-Spec Futures Trading Laptop

    Looking for some recommendations for a trading laptop. Yes, I have researched the **** out of this and read threads on numerous forums — but I keep ending up in this daily cyclical-loop 2nd guessing my decisions. Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m lost. I keep flip-flopping between a...
  18. nav_dcfc

    Workstation spec but needs to be capable of gaming too

    Hi all. I'm in need of advice about the best way to go spec wise. I've been an Intel guy most of my PC life but Ryzen looks like its worth a punt. I'm not looking to build anything myself but want to be sure that what I'm after and requesting is compatible and i don't add any obvious...
  19. HeX

    AMD announces new Radeon Pro Duo with two Polaris 10 GPUs

    Full article here:
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