1. Arivaca

    MSI Creator X299 with 10980xe memory overclock

    Hi. Trying to spec memory for MSI Creator X299 with 10980xe CPU. Corsair seems the most rated option, but the SPD is only 2133. Ideal memory would be SPD 2933 and 4000 rating on XPD, because it is fast native if the XMP profile does not work. Most memory on the QVL list is out of date. Any help...
  2. Maloy

    Need advice on how many SSd's i can install

    PSU - EVGA 650w CPU: Intel Core i7-7820x Motherboard MSI Pro Series X299 Raider Currently connected is: 4x 8gb DDR4 RAM Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Evo M.2 250GB 1tb HDD 1080 TI Graphics card Hi, I really need some help I hardly know anything about pcs. Recently my SSD keeps getting full so ive...
  3. cameraheaven

    Price vs memory density DDR4 ???

    Hi People, has been a while since building a new rig from scratch so google answers most questions but not all ... Thank god for forums. Motherboard is picked (X299) so 8 memory slots ... so it's a matter of 8x8 units/sticks of mem (Xxxx) to get 64 gb verses 4x16 ? 1) Is it cheaper per gig...
  4. cameraheaven

    Trident Z Royal without the Bling

    About to start the new build (photo editor rig) based on the GA-X299 WU8 work station Mobo Old rig is still humming along but starting to show it's wrinkles (Z97) was researching fastish memory with good timings and G Skill's Trident Z Royals ( F4-4800C18D-16GTRS ) caught my eye ... but the...
  5. J_Wildfire_T

    x299 MSI XPower AC VRM Cooling? (CLOSED)

    Does anyone own or know of a cooling solution for the VRMs on this board over the stock cooler. Unfortunately EK dont plan to make Monoblocks for this board but im curious of compatibility or alternate ideas. I plan a modest CPU overclock but nothing too crazy and im concerned about VRM temps...
  6. farrow101

    7820x Heat Problems

    Hi all! I'm in need of some help. Just upgraded to the 7820x platform and having major heat issues. Specs : i7 7920x [email protected] (stock motherboard setting) MSI X299 M7 ACK 32gb hyper x predator 3200mhz H100i V2 980Ti As soon as the cpu goes under load, it will sky rocket to 100c. Tried...
  7. toontoonizer

    Single core overclock causing multicore software to crash

    So heres something thats got me stumped. I have an i7 7820x with ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe mobo and G.Skill 3200mhz 32gb ram. With testing i can get a stable overclock of [email protected]. However, as we know some cores are better than others. My core 0 is always 10-15 cooler than my other...
  8. Beech Horn

    Availability of G.Skill F4-4200C19Q2-64GTZKK and F4-4200C19Q2-64GTZSW

    Hi there, Will OverclockersUK be stocking G.Skill's F4-4200C19Q2-64GTZKK and F4-4200C19Q2-64GTZSW? Am personally after the former, but cannot see it listed for pre-order.
  9. Roguey000

    Wait for X299, or go with Ryzen

    hi there guys, Ive been thinking about building another system, probably with either the Ryzen 1600 or 1700 - a little undecided between the two. However I wondered with the rumored launch of X299 on the 30th, if this will effect anything? ie. bad time to buy or not? what do you guys think...
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