xbox series x

  1. spaceman

    >>> Forza Horizon 5 <<<

    I guess i'll start the Forza Horizon 5 thread then. I've got a few tunes, liveries, logos, challenge cards already shared, a lot more will come over time. Follow me if you want any of that stuff - GT = Mashed -------------------------------------------- There is a club already setup, search...
  2. Fabrix2005

    Best Available Gaming Monitor 27-32 Inch 4K HDMI2.1 120hZ

    So I've been looking for a while now as my current MacBook Pro and Xbox Series X Setup I have been running Two 32 Inch Samsung U32H850 QLED Monitors and have served me well for video editing light browsing and Xbox Gaming. However now that console gaming is now supported up to 4k 120hz I wanted...
  3. cruisinbeatz

    Headset for PS5 & XSX (Wireless)

    Hey folks, I'm just wondering is there a wireless headset out there other than the arctis 7x and 9x that can work on both the ps5 and xbox series x? I have looked reviews on those and seems to be hit or miss unless someone here can comment on them personally? I've never seen them in real life...
  4. SandeepG

    Recommended monitor for work and play

    Hi All Stumbled across this site and a wealth of info. I've done some searching, apologies if the info Im looking for has been posted elsewhere. Also apologies in advance if this is not the best place to post. Currently using a 42" Sony Bravia 1080p Full HD TV as a monitor for work using my...
  5. Zumber

    Benq Ex2510 or 2710 for the Xbox Series X

    Okay I had a freak accident with my Asus Ve278H where I picked up a glass with wet hands and it slipped out of my hand and smashed my screen. I bought the monitor in 2016 and I was mulling over the option of getting a new one anyway, but hey if it's not broken, don't fix it. So I can't game on...
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