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125cc learner legal maxi bikes

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by manisinghb, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Dogbreath


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  2. Bolerus


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    I know this is a really old thread, but kind of relevant to me, so who knows maybe somebody will respond

    I did my CBT a few weeks ago and bought a second hand piaggio Xevo 125...

    I love it, and am using it ( with L plates) to go to work along the a500 from stoke to crewe

    SO, i was looking at a web site about the next step, and i am more confused than ever

    1) is my bike legal on a CBT (im 47) one of the web sites mentions v14.6 b.h.p./11 kW max ( mine is
    Maximum power - Output - Horsepower 15.00 HP (10.9 kW) according to a spec website)

    2) what do i need to do from here to be able to just take the L plates off

    3) what would i need to do to be able to go upto a 300cc scoot ( dont care abotu gears, gettign too old for that , but i do like the idea of a little extra umph -- was thinking of the forza 300 next)

    if anybody could shed a little light in a simple way (and how much would steps 2 and or 3 cost)

  3. InvaderGIR


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    It think you'd need do a test to take the Ls off, in which case you may as well do the full license and have the option of any size bike (or 'ped) as you're old enough to do that.
    Other options I guess are to do restricted tests / license that seems largely pointless given your age.
    Doing the full license (or restricted) will likely mean you use a geared bike as far as I'm aware so if you're dead set against gears I guess that's a bit more difficult.
  4. tom_e

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    To drop the L plates you'll need to do your theory and your MOD1 and MOD2 practicals if you do these on a 125 you'll get your A1 which means you can drop the plates and carry passengers, if you're going through the hassle of taking your test anyway you might as well do it on a bigger bike allowing you to get you A licence and then you can ride whatever you like.

    There's absolutely no point in taking your tests on a smaller bike as they're all the same, the category you end up with just changes depending on the size of the bike you took them on.

    You can do your licence on a twist and go if you wish and this will restrict you to only being able to ride automatics the same as if you took your car test in an automatic.
  5. Bolerus


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    so based on the fact, that i imagine ( just a presumption) the test centres probably dont have many large CC scooters, the truth is if i want to get a more powerful scooter, then i need to learn to ride a geared bike first, take the test on a geared then choose (if i wish) to get a bigger scooter.

    then i could ride anything upto the cc i take the test on ( which i think they use 600s ish dont they? )
  6. Bolerus


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    ohm no an A licence allows me to ride anything, but cost about 800 ish. i think i get it.
    so really, A1 is kinda pointless ( unless i want to go on motorway or have somebody on the back of me)

    A2 would let me ride upto a 35kw (whatever that means in engine size) but if i did it on an auto i can only ride auto ( some of the bigger scooters haev gears i think as well .

    truth is i guess ride for a bit, get comfortable, then get hold of a geared bike and learn clutch control
  7. SkodaMart


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    I'm 6'3" Started riding 2 years ago.
    My 1st bike was a Varadero 125, they hold their value and you will struggle to find a cheap decent one.
    I had to do a fair few repairs to mine but I did eventually sell it for more than I paid for it (less the cost of repairs = still lost money).