2005 Japanese Grand Prix

28 Dec 2003
Both JV's and TS's penalties are pathetic IMO.

Neither were in the points to start with so all this means is that they'll qualify a bit earlier in the order next week.

Both incidents were more serious than that IMO. Whilst neither was dangerous, they were serious in that JV's continued arrogance and lack of spacial awareness could well have a major bearing on the outcome of the constructor's championship. Sato, on the other hand, had only recently been reprimanded with a 10-place grid penality for shunting Schumacher at Spa. That he has obviously failed to heed this warning/punishment and done it again warrants more a more serious penalty.

If it were down to me I'd have been tempted to exclude Sato from China as he's a menace to the other drivers and simply isn't listening to the powers that be.
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18 Oct 2002
Sato excluded and a 25 second penalty for Villeneuve...

Yup - the Stewards are stupid.

Look at the penalties we've had recently.

Pizzonia takes out KMontoya - $8000 fine
Sato takes out Schumcaer - 10 place drop at the next race
Villeneuve takes out Montoya - 25 second penalty.
Sato takes out Trulli - exclusion from this race.

They really need to set better regulations of the penalties.




18 Oct 2002
Watched the race this morning, fantastic racing which goes to prove to some extent that it isnt the whole fault of the cars/drivers for less overtakes, its the tracks. Alonso and Schuey were fantastic on the first lap, amazing amount of passing to get near the front :).

Sato may feel hard done by this time as he locked the wheels up and just slid into Trulli. In saying that hes made silly mistakes all season thats ended up with some nasty off's for him and the guy in front. Wonder if he'll get a drive for next year ;).

Flibster said:
Alonso will fly past M.Schumacher after that mistake from Schumacher.

Pressure = mistake..

Every time.

ashtray_head said:
he always cracks under pressure :D :D

I thought Schuey did quiet well considering his car was at best 1.2 seconds a lap slower than both Alonso and Kimi and at worst almost 2 seconds a lap slower. With that sort of pace difference your going to get by ;). His car setup didnt look great for the conditions, grounding very badly through 130R and wasnt hitting anywhere near the top speed it should have done.

If you want to see cracking under pressure just look at Fisi, 2nd and 3rd last lap he goes defensive into the final chicane with Kimi no where near him, compromises his exit and allows Kimi to catch and then pass.
18 Oct 2002
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Wow what a race :eek: Some great driving by Kimi and Alonso. Fisi made it a little easy for Kimi at the end but fair play he drove well to get up front. Some amazing overtaking by Alonso, really showed his worth IMO, the 130R move was awesome.
Next race should also be very good, see you there :)
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