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8500GT Driver Problems in Vista 64

29 Nov 2007
Got my new PC installed yesterday,

ASUS M2A-VM Mobo (with latest bios installed - v.0901 i think which fixes video output flicker or black screen)
AMD x2 6000
4gb Kingston 667 Memory
GE8500GT Graphics
Running Vista 64

I installed Vista OK and then the 1st thing i did after installing the mobo drivers (chipset, network and onboard sound) was download and install the latest Nvidia drivers (prior to that Vista was using the standard VGA drivers and i was running fine 1280x1024 but aero runns like a dog as proper direct x support isnt working)

After rebooting I get the small progress bar type screen then when it should switch to the vista logo screen it goes blank with the odd screen flicker.

I have to force a reboot by powering off and back on then it asks if I want safe mode - I go in with safe mode and remove the nvidia drivers reboot and its back to working with the standard drivers.

I have tested the latest drivers (167 something) the latest beta (169) and the ones that came with the card (163 i think) and it happens on all 3

Any Ideas?