A weird HDD problem

31 Oct 2005

Been given an Advent 9511 to look at and have diagnosed that the hard drive was devoloping errors. Took the old hard drive out and scanned in my PC with HD tune on long error scan and had 0.7% damaged sectors or whatever.

Anywho, bought a new drive (WD1600BEVT) as a replacement drive and I CANNOT get it to work with the laptop.

The BIOS detects it perfectly fine and when it boots to the win 7 dvd it sees it sometimes but as soon as I try to do anything with it it hangs and then disappers.

It gave me the following error earlier 0x80300024 I have googled it and it seems to be something to do with partitions... there are none, this is a brand new drive. I created some, still nothing.

Now, surely, a hard drive is a hard drive and SHOULD work in any pc/laptop?

I have plugged it into mine and it installs windows 7 fine, no probs.

When I put the hdd back with win 7 installed in the laptop it let's me do more with the hard drive in the setup but then hangs the first install step.

Another fresh install and when trying to load windows it ran a chkdsk, the chkdsk is going at slower than a snails pace.... 2% taken 15 mins.

Is there some way the hard drive ISN'T compataible with the laptop? (Sata 2, NCQ, something else...?)

Sorry for the essay but I have spent a few hours scratching my head over this one.

Cheers in advance,