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Discussion in 'Latest News, Deals & Special Offers' started by Gibbo, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Steampunk


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    To get less cores and about two thirds of the 3990X performance from Intel, you'd need to spend about 20 grand on two of their top end data centre CPUs.

    Compared to the available alternatives for similar performance, the 3990X is a bargain. It is not for gamers, it's for people who need very high performance right at their desktop, usually some kind of rendering (such as real time) or content creation.
  2. Troezar


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    Agreed, context is everything.
  3. Roguey000


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  4. JediFragger


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  5. pingu666

    Wise Guy

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    from what ive seen, IF you have a task(s) that can leverage that kind of power/threads, its actually legit value
  6. Jumper118


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    way too cheap, this is for poor people :p intel is the best way to go. w3175x
  7. littlepuppy


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    Gibbo - you / they should know though it only supports 256GB mem.... (max)

    Thats because they dont want to cannibalise EPYC where you can scale higher. If you need a lot of memory and cores (EG VMware) you need Epyc, this is not a high memory solution.
  8. kalvindeane

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    Will be interesting to see if they lift the memory restriction due to recent complaints.
  9. Lukasz Malmon


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    Would wait for one from second hand just for 2k. 3k way too much
  10. Arne Saknussemm


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    Hold my beer.....

  11. 8 Pack

    OcUK Staff

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    The motherboards and the cpu are not what's constraining the memory capacity.... Larger capacity modules are the problem... of the correct type. 2tb is possible no issue when the correct dimms are available.
  12. miceormen


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    Cool. Now, go invent software that seamlessly uses distributed computing to achieve a multitude of processing requirements, customer dependent. Oh, and pay the customer's increased leccy bills whilst you're at it.
  13. orbitalwalsh


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    You missed the whole point of the point.. oh back, relax and read... Correctly.... .

    Someone was on about the high cost of the CPU, stating it's not worth the high price. My post was stating that if you split the cost into multiple builds, you'd be down in core count and increased software expenses ....

    Please invent good reading abilities and common sense
  14. Freddie1980


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    For a number of companies and people the CPU (3990x) is a godsend. Think of all that time employees waste waiting for jobs to finish rendering now that workstation is freed up to do other jobs.
  15. bulldog147


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    Only Gibbo can afford this! :p