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Beko tumble dryer just out of warranty SOGA

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Business Man, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Business Man


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    I bought a Beko tumble dryer from the green white goods site end of November last year and the PCB is now dead and beyond economic repair according to local repairer who tested it with a multimeter. I rang Beko who wouldn't fix it without charging even though it's only just out of manufactures warranty.

    Now I've seen something about sales of goods act and how you can be protected up to 6 years. I think anyone would expect a tumble dryer to last more than 13 months thats barely been used.

    Has anyone had to use SOGA before and had to have an independent report done ? How detailed does the report need to be with regards to the PCB?
    I've never had to deal with this before

    What options can I push for after getting the report, replacement or repair as their customer service from what I've experienced is not helpful.

  2. Captain Chaos

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  3. Alpherah


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    SOGA was superseded by some other legislation but the premise is the same.
    You need to claim at the place of purchase.
    The difficulty is that the place of purchase must have been aware of a fault within 3 months of purchase or the burden of proof falls to the customer to prove the fault was there all along which is pretty hard to do.
    If you keep complaining they usually give in though
  4. Liquidfox


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  5. Threepwood


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    Surely if it broke 13 months in its has to be faulty at manufacture, if not then it was designed to break after only 13 months, which does not seem like a reasonable time to a dryer to be designed to last for.

    What about the EU 2 year directive, as we are still in the EU. I thought anything that should last for more than 2 years was covered by this?
  6. Jez


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  7. Malevolence


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    Why are you speaking in code? Just ******* say where you bought it from.
  8. Scania


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    Your contract would have been between yourself & the retailer, not the manufacturer, have you spoken to AO?
  9. NoobCannon


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    because retard
  10. Business Man


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    It's a Beko DTGC7000W and I wasn't sure if saying the company name would be a breach of forum rules.

    Yes I have spoken with them but ended up being passed to the manufacture.

    I have managed to get a report now so will see what they say after I mentioned my contract is with them and that the dryer doesn't meet quality expected
  11. BDEE


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    What quality did you expect from a Beko..? ;)
  12. Lord-Jaffa


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    Beko goods are designed to be replaced every 12 months.
  13. Scania


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    Glad to say both my Beko dryer and washer are over 40months beyond that supposed replacement cycle , were they both to fail tomorrow I’d be quite happy given how cheap they were compared to the competition yet they are serving me great despite my habit of overloading both :o

    Hotpoint etc as said was once good, but now their old U.K. factory is a timber yard that isn’t the case any longer alas.
  14. Feek


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    OcUK don't sell tumble dryers, you're fine.
  15. 200sols


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    They aren’t, and a failure like this can (and does) happen with all brands, even the really expensive ones.
  16. Lord-Jaffa


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    1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
      "she didn't like the note of sarcasm in his voice"
  17. Burned_Alive


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    I would go back to AO and tell them you have a 2 year warranty under EU law and they either need to repair, replace or refund it.
  18. Gaijin


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    I've had a American style fridge freezer and a chest freezer in the garage. Both are Beko, 6 years old and no issues at all. I also have friends with Beko fridges and freezers and none have problems.

    Beko get a lot of stick but i'm not sure it's justified. My Dad's Samsung barely lasted 2 years.

    Not sure if this is 100% true but I've also heard that Beko are one of the few brands to stand-over their equipment if used in outbuildings (which we do).
  19. Sudden


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    No harm in trying it, but that legislation doesn't apply in the UK as UK never implemented it. SoGA was considered to give superior protection since it could be longer than two years as well, so it wasn't considered necessary.
  20. wolfie138


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    no probs at all w/ my Beko freezer either, seems there's just some badge snobs in the forum.