Chips, bins & incompetent councils

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15 Dec 2005
More than 30 councils are fitting microchips to wheelie bins ahead of possible "pay as you throw" schemes.
It is the latest attempt to encourage more recycling to curb the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill.

Household rubbish would be weighed to within 500 grams on collection trucks and the chips used to identify which property the bin belongs to.

Councils are expecting to get the go-ahead from the government to start using the chips to charge residents.

Personally, I would love to recycle more of my rubbish, but the damn council doesn't collect recycling, except for paper & cardboard. So how the hell can they charge me for taking rubbish away, when there is no alternative? If I didn't drive, then I can't take it to the local recycling point?

I thought I already paid for the rubbish to be taken away via the council tax? I assume that this will mean that the council tax will be reduced next year? Yeah right...

How will this work in flats? We have a shared bin between 12 flats. Is it going to be averaged? Great, so I have to pay for the neighbour's lazyness?

Why don't they just make it a legal requirement to recycle, rather than just introduce a charge? Probably because the homeowner can then be charged for the council's incompetence rather than their incompetence preventing homeowners from being prosecuted.

Why is everything about screwing the population for as much money as possible. Recycling, parking, speeding....ARHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGH!!!111!!one!!!oonneee!!!111

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