Coolermaster angled 24 pin power connector and Chinese angled USB 3 connector

1 Apr 2014
A while back I suggest that OCUK stock the Cooler Master ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter With Added Capacitors so as to reduce cable strain. A week or so back I spotted that they were in stock - I'd missed the notification - so I ordered one. It arrived today. Separately I had ordered a 90° USB 3.0 connector from China for the same reason. And @NikTheSHNIK asked for pics, so here they are in packaging:


And out of packaging:


The build quality of the USB 3 adapter isn't a patch on the Coolermaster but it seems to do the job.

When fitted - the USB 3 connector is the blue bar to the left of the ATX connector.


And with the case cover on:


It's not really noticeable with the cover on, but before the connectors were fitted both cables made great arching U shapes which is not good. These connectors provide strain relief and, in the case of the Coolermaster, an additional level of protection for the motherboard.

There are a couple of negatives: the ATX connector blocks about a third of the LED bar on my Gigabyte motherboard - @GIGA-Man take note - and the USB 3 adapter also blocks some of it. So these are not things you want to fit for RGB blingtasticness, at least on this motherboard. The USB 3 adapter also blocks a socket between the USB socket and the LED bar. I think it's a fan header, which is not in use.
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