usb 3.0

  1. ryan87

    Could a BIOS update throttle USB wifi adapter download speeds?

    Hello all! I'm really at a loss trying to fix this particular issue I've been having, with no luck looking elsewhere on the world wide web. The thread title may seem ridiculous but I'm so frustrated and out of ideas right now that it's the only thing I can think of. As briefly as possible: My...
  2. Daniel1976

    Slow USB data transfer to external NVMe SSD

    Hi. I have an MSI Gaming edge Z390 motherboard and have updated to Windows 11. I have connected multiple USB 3.0 / 3.1 drives to the 3.1 port on the motherboard, and windows is unable to write data to drives any faster than 20mbps. It starts of super fast, and drops off after a second or so...
  3. preston8452

    Digital Audio Output Differences? Is USB Audio Really The Top-notch?

    Hello guys, So after some struggles between spending time in optimizing my PC audio functionalities and adopting a dedicated music streamer, I opted for the second one. I purchased the Munich M1T by Silent Angel, given it's good reviews in UK and Germany and Switzerland, I thought it wouldn't...
  4. GazPaste

    USB 3 ports only working as USB 2

    Hello everyone, first-time post. I have a system build by OC with a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite MB and have recently bought an Oculus Quest 2. I also bought a USB 3.2 cable to connect the two, but any of the USB ports I try to use seem only to work as USB 2 ones. This MB ought to have 4 USB 3...
  5. fearby

    Fastest external drive I can run OSX on - 27" iMac late 2015 USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt 2?

    t is a complicated wish mash of abbreviations, acronyms and hardware specs and I am just starting to understand it. I Bought a 2015 iMac with a 1TB HDD recently and as my last iMac had an internal SSD it all feels very slow. I bought an external SSD and an enclosure and it works well booting...
  6. Quartz

    Spec me a powered USB 3 hub

    It seems my Icy Box USB 3 powered hub is on the way out. So I need a replacement. Requirements: 2+ USB 3.0 ports - the more the better - and the ability to plug in SATA drives (both HDD and SSD). The peculiarity is that it is at the end of a 5m active USB 3 cable with a type B connector.
  7. Quartz

    What issues are there with long USB cables?

    I've been very pleased with my fibre-optic Displayport cable and it occurs to me that by using long cables I could put my PC a lot farther away (cable-length-wise) and thereby reduce noise. The basic idea would be to have fibre DP cables going to my monitors and one 5m USB 2 cable going to a USB...
  8. Quartz

    Coolermaster angled 24 pin power connector and Chinese angled USB 3 connector

    A while back I suggest that OCUK stock the Cooler Master ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter With Added Capacitors so as to reduce cable strain. A week or so back I spotted that they were in stock - I'd missed the notification - so I ordered one. It arrived today. Separately I had ordered a 90° USB 3.0...
  9. lJoublanc

    Determining Z270 Pro4 "USB1" DRD port

    I'm trying to find out if my motherboard supports Dual Role Data as described on the USB-C wikipedia entry: I've found from the intel website that this family of chipsets does indeed support this, in a document called "Intel 200 and Z370 Series Chipset...
  10. atkuzmanov

    Home USB 3.0 hub recommendations needed

    Hi there forum fellows, First of all let me thank you for the wonderful forum, so grateful to everyone involved! I am looking for recommendations for a USB 3.0 hub, one with 7-10 usb ports. It has to work with a Macbook pro Retina without interfering with it's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as most of...
  11. IggyStooge

    Files missing after copying a folder to another HDD via new USB 3.0 card.

    Hello, I just installed a new USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card and was keen to see the lightning fast speed but unfortunately it appears no faster than the USB 3.0 on my Mobo. At best it reaches about 120 MB/s. External HDD's at least stay connected now which is something, but I just copied a 300+...
  12. IggyStooge

    Adding USB 3.0 via a PCI-E card.

    Hello, What is the best option OCUK sells to add USB 3.0 to my ageing system without spending a lot of money. USB 3.0 on my Asus P6X58D-E doesn't work as it should and I need something faster than USB 2.0. There only appears to be one PCI-E slot free (graphics card covers some) and it is a...
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