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DC Vault

Discussion in 'Team OcUK Distributed Computing Projects' started by hanluc, May 14, 2012.

  1. PDW

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    The -t4 can be changed to whatever value works best for your machine, you'll have to have a play to work it out !
  2. hanluc


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    I've been playing, it doesn't scale well past 8 - 10 threads and at -t36 it all goes to pot, it runs just as long as a single thread! even though it does use all cores 100%. The only advantage I can see running multiple threads is for the long work units to shorten the time, it doesn't seem more productive, 1 wu/1 thread still seems to give the best PPD. I'm running long work units on my 8t i7 at 2 x 4t which seem to be the sweetspot, -t8 isn't as productive, -t2 is but takes too long.