Dell Support Alternative?

29 Oct 2008

Was looking for a UK Dell Forum as an alternative to the other one.

Recently my veteran XPS laptop went into auto-repair loop mode, so was unusable. Although I back up, there was stuff on the C drive I needed. Was desperate for help.

Got none.

I got told my laptop was out of warranty, wow, it was out of warranty 9 years ago. I could have told them that but they had to keep sending me 'private messages' asking for the tag number. They get annoyed. Then they wanted to know the HDD number. All this was given to them, no-one is applying themselves to the basic issue, or even asking me diagnostic questions at this time. A day passes, two days.

Meanwhile I google about, manage to get into the BIOS, all seems in order. I fiddle around, I place an empty usb key into a usb slot - the key lights up, there's nothing on it. The black & white problem window asks me again, do I want to start normally or engage the repair programme? This time I go for 'normal'. As in the last 2-3 days I get the black/icon window then nothing, that window hangs.

Then suddenly that window vanishes - I hold my breath - and is replaced by a Microsoft Update timer window, which goes to 100% then my laptop starts as normal!

The update had hung the entire computer.

So I fixed the issue myself, with zero help from Dell Forum. I'm pretty fed up with their attitude, they never used to be like this, chewing onions & basically useless at what they do.

Is there an alternative Dell forum please? Anything is better than what I experienced.

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