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Everything You need to Know AMD & NVIDIA

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by smogsy, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Gregster


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    Top man. You could always post it yourself if you wanted?
  2. smogsy


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    ill come along later, but post it yourself having too much fun with x99 :D
  3. nashathedog


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    Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I could not find it and it's about sli/crossfire so it's worth including here if not already. I believe I know the answers but I'd like confirmation (again) please.

    If I want to sli a pair of same model Nvidia cards and one has more vram than the other will it work?
    If I want to crossfire a pair of same model AMD cards and one has more vram than the other will it work?

    The important part is whether you can mix ram sizes or not.

    EDIT: I've seen it mentioned in the SLI as quick as possible video now and you can't use different ram amounts with SLI, Wouldn't it be worth writing this in the info post?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2014
  4. whyscotty


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    Nvidia can use Coolbits to allow this, but that was quite a while back.

    No idea about Xfire.
  5. Orivaa


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    Add AMD VSR, which, by the way, existed for way longer than nVidia's DSR, it was just pointless for a while.
  6. OCdude


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    Is there any difference between AMD and nVIDIA when it comes to bitstreaming audio for HTPCs? I'm assuming not.. seeing as they only have to chuck out an untouched data stream.. but just wanted to check im not missing anything :D

    (currently using an AMD 5850 to bitstream from my HTPC)
  7. smogsy


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    pretty sure their is not. updated with natasha dog suggestion.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2015
  8. Vish Petrol


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    Crossfire will work, but will operate at the performance of the card with less vram
  9. kaisera


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    thanks demo is helpful
  10. smogsy


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    not much has been really tested yet but added in Nvidia Ansel & Multi projection video & detail.
  11. Nevakonaza


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    Im curious to why Nvidia keep on using a 256-Bit memory interface even in their newer cards 1070 & 1080.

    Why do you think they didn't choose to use a 384-Bit in the 1080?..and say use a 256-Bit in the 1070?

    I know they're really good cards either way,But just curious.
  12. Orangey


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    Laptop usage, RAM amount etc


    Joined: Apr 10, 2014

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    this is gonna be my next gpu upgrade ...


    my current gpu is an xfx r9 390 black edition. this is part of a custom loop, just need to know if the plate and block I'm choosing are the right ones ...



    for fittings I'm going to use the ones from my current gpu.
  14. N43SP33D


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    does anyone have the link to that video where a guy does a in depth comparison into AMD/Radeon and NVidia finacne back ground and talks about why NVidia took the market lead now? I cant find it :(
  15. amigafan2003


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    Why would they need to?
  16. Lawley Dowden


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    very good information
  17. B12B6


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    Do not know if this is legit but it seems like it.
    How in the hell is AMD ebale to get 1060 desktop performance with 1560 stream processors when Polaris needed 2300 to get that performance. Was Polaris really hard hit by bandwich or is smaller Vegas way more efficient than bigger models?
  18. willhub


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    overclocking apps, which ones for GPU?
  19. oldbanana


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    msi afterburner