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Folding@Home Setup Guide: Illustrated for your pleasure

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by BillytheImpaler, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Fuzz


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    Can someone do an illustrated guide to multi GPU based ATI biased set up / install please. It's doing my nut in as I'd like to make use of my second 4870 :D

    I can manage setting up the clients to work independently in their own folders and collate information also in their own folders however I'm struggling with binding them to specific GPU's.
    I think it's the flags that need explaining better. :confused:
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  2. RossG

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    Quick question. Set up my 6300 for dual core as followed in the setup guide. However, core number 2 isn't picking up my username and team number. I changed it in client.cfg and restared the FAH process, but it's still not having it by the looks of things. The client.cgfs also differ for each core. Core 1 is as follows:






    And core 2 is:



    Looks liek something's a bit wrong there. Any ideas?

    Also, these lines keeps coming up in the logs for both cores (Core 1 shown as an example):

    [09/01/09 - 16:59:49] 6300 Core 1 has an unknown state (Unable to find a complete frame)
    [09/01/09 - 16:59:49] Cannot determine frame number for 6300 Core 1 (this isn't a problem)

    Anything to worry about?

    Thirdly, I've set the job size to biggest, with core 1's job to be completed in an estimated 92 days. Is this too big a job for my CPU realistically?
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  3. AtaRo

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    Why not just run the SMP client?
  4. RossG

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    Ah. Didn't know they had one. Haven't done any folding for quiet a while :p. I'll uninstall my current one and give that a whirl.
  5. Noto

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    ok some im a complete noob to this ^_^

    I read a tip to use:

    "C:\Program Files\Folding@Home\winFAH.exe" –forceasm -advmethods

    that allows SSE and other things to be used for folding... do I still have to use these shortcuts even if im using

    "Folding@home windows CPU client 6.23"

    Thanks in adv :)

    2/250 go me!
  6. ian|Squared²


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    thanks, really comprehensive guides
  7. rowr12


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  8. knowlesy


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  9. rexehuk


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    I'm now folding with my machine :) hope I can help to boost your points!

    Installed folding@home and set team 10, that all I need to do? I saw registry edits etc... application is just working for me atm.
  10. Brackish


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    just got it set up for the gpu client, on team 10.
  11. Happy


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    Welcome to the team :)
  12. muon


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    Can someone please update the finstall guide. Its different at the end and doesn't seem to work.

    After the checksum command, the config part doesn't come up.

    Instead it asks me if I want automatic changing of machine ID. First time I clicked yes, it installs but for each cpu directory it comes up with

    It does this 3 times for each CPU.

    So I figure that I'll go into each directory and then type

    to configure, but it comes back with

    Note that:

    So I then started the whole thing again, but picked no to automatic machine ID changing. It makes no difference,
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  13. cyclo


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    Joined a few days ago too. Curious how some ppl get such a high PPD. You must have a little farm of pcs running or something :)


    is that decent?

    Q9650 @ 4ghz - HD5870
  14. Biffa

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    Instead of running three separate clients:
    If you run the Windows SMP client you will get around 2K PPD
    If you run the linux client in a notfred Vmware Player between 4&5K PPD
  15. cyclo


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    much better :D
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  16. Culinia


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    Hi was following this guide until Registry Edits - F@H did not create that specific registry...what do I do now:confused:
  17. Pilgrim57

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    It would be better starting a new thread to ask for help than post here.
    What client are you trying to set up? With a bit more info I'm sure you get the help you need. Welcome to the team:)
  18. Culinia


    Joined: Jan 10, 2010

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    I think I know what the problem is. I think I opted for no to run/install as a service?

    PS thanks for replying!
  19. Speed


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