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For All Mankind

Discussion in 'US TV shows discussion.' started by neil473, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. neil473

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    Re imagines the space race as if Russia made it first to the moon and America is left constantly playing catchup.

    Its very The Right Stuff / From The Earth to The Moon with a mix of historical and fictional astronauts.

    Written by Ronald D Moore.

    Its not bad, 3 eps available so far, its one of Apple Tvs launch series.
  2. JRS


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    So far it seems pretty well done. But the liberties taken with the portrayal of some of the historical characters grate.
  3. Hambut_Bulge


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    It's alternate history. What (who) don't you like?
  4. v0n


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    I stopped 3/4 through the first episode after I realised the "alternate history" doesn't really serve any larger fantastical/fictional arc (like Man in The High Castle for example). At that point it just seemed like a waste of time - watching several hours of men making stern expressions and raising voices to deliver solemn speeches for what purpose, to what end? It's a tale that doesn't lead anywhere. It doesn't teach you history, doesn't reflect any real struggle that revealed interesting side of human condition, and as a pure fiction it's just hours of Kinnaman's constipated face for no particular plot gain whatsoever. What would happen if Americans lost space race? Nothing. In fact, for all intents and purposes they lost space race in our timeline. Sputnik 1 was the first man made object in outer space for the Soviets. Gagarin was the first man in outer space for the Soviets. Tereshkova was the first woman in space for the Soviets. Luna 2 was the first unmanned craft on the moon for the Soviets.

    US moon missions obviously had more hollywood flair and were delivered with better PR tube, but it was that kid who's really ecstatic about his third place medal - it was all done and achieved by then. Moon missions didn't change anything in space race, they didn't produce any viable advancements - we stopped flying to space and stopped reaching for the skies ever since, we lost the ability to send men so far into space shortly after and never ventured outside of earth's orbit with a manned mission ever again. All American moon missions ever gave us were tons of conspiracy theories and a Apollo 13 near disaster story to warn other space crews not to overdo it.

    So, a show that shows America "loosing space race" (for the third place) to the moon. What would change? Nothing. It's an alternative history show about nothing. I won't spoil much if I speculate Kinnaman will eventually beat Russians to some other milestone achievement. So I'm out.
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  5. Blinkz


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    Your loss, it’s a great series with some interesting ideas about how things could have gone. Totally recommend it to anyone interested in the space program and Sci-Fi in general.
  6. JRS


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    The second half of the season is better than the first half IMO. The first half is spent on trying to introduce the insanely large cast and give everyone screentime while doing so and it drags. Second half, it turns into a proper Ron Moore show.

    Lots of it is still utterly implausible even as alternate history. But it doesn't completely suck, which IMO says one hell of a lot these days given the unremitting awfulness of the writing being done for sci-fi on TV.