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Google assistant command

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by MichaelHo, 20 Oct 2016.

  1. MichaelHo

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    Just found out something really interesting via the Pixel support chat.

    So my Pixel from EE defaulted as English - American as the language setting. With this on I had Google assistant settings for 'news, my day, shopping list.

    I decided to change language to English - UK, with this setting Pixel picked up my English accent of 'ok Google' so much easier, I deleted English - American. However after deleting American it took away the 'news, my day and shopping list' options! I couldn't work out why so I used the support, they said this option is only available in America.

    So I have turned back to English - American and the options reappeared....
  2. JamesM


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    "add X to my shopping list"
    "show my shopping list"

    adds items and shows your shopping list etc.. Cant find out whether it deletes an item or clears it however.
  3. AndyCr15


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    Ask her to 'clear my shopping list' and she says she can't take things of it yet. Still, when I'm shopping I would rather be ticking them off my Keep list rather than telling her to remove each item at a time.
  4. TheOracle


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    I certainly hope nobody has bought a pixel for the google assistant

    "What's this song"

    Sorry I can't do that yet

  5. AndyCr15


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    Location: Barnet, London

    Does anyone else use 'Remind me when I get home...'. I use it quite a bit and I realise it's not working on my Pixel XL :(

    I'll try 'Remind me when I get to work...' and see if it's a weird location issue.
  6. Kreeeee

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    Welcome to the next Nexus device in all but the name :p