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Google Maps app for iPhone

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by coopersim, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. skymook


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    In a strange kind of way, Apple has given us more choice. I love this new maps app from Google. I like the choice of others. It helps with innovation if Apple, Google and others are putting map apps out there.

    Maps takes a while to get right, and I think that given enough time, Apple will make the native iOS map app a good experience. In the meantime, we have other apps to use, and Google has been doing this long enough to give us a great app right now.
  2. v0n


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    Shocking coding on Google behalf. The moment the phone is paired with car via bluetooth, maps switch to bluetooth and there is no way to switch it back.

    What's worse they use call commands instead of media streaming, so you get your radio broadcast interrupted suddenly by a loud "ding", then Google Maps App starts yelling (in call volume is different level to music in my car) at everyone about turning left in 500 yards, and then all screens in the car show "call ended". In some cars you get in-car system announcing "CALL DISCONNECTED!" by voice every turn.

    Not only there should be manual choice for me to select for that app to NEVER use bluetooth, but many of us have multiple bluetooth devices paired while in car, I let iphone stream music through in-car entertainment and Tomtom to use bluetooth built into the phone cradle, just so I don't have to get my music interrupted every 10 seconds in London.

    That is shocking, shocking oversight. I would expect this from Apple maps team, but google? They should know better.
  3. ethansamuel17


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    Waiting for iPad version.
  4. N19h7m4r3


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    Strangely for me Apple Maps is more accurate here in Ireland.