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Had to return my Gigabyte Windforce 2060 card due to noise, what should I replace it with?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by chickadee, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. tyler_jrb


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    I'd go MSI if air cooling. Their fans seem to be the best in terms of idle noise/speed and especially start up. I had a 1080Ti gaming x and you couldnt even hear the fans start up. Unlike a lot of cards which go from 0-1000rpm in 0.1seconds flat, drop temp by 1-2c, fans turn off, then repeat constantly. Quite a few cards do this not just gigabyte. One of my reasons for air cooling.
  2. stuartharrison


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    The Sapphire V56 Pulse would definitely be worth it over the 1660ti.
    The 2060 is about £100 more and you only get 6gb mem - at 4k I find most games use more than that.
    I'm a professional sound engineer and musician, so having a quiet pc is important to me - the Vega 64 nitro + is very quiet - fans spin @ 1130rpm on the power saver bios (you just slide a switch to the left to enable it) with fast FPS, temps under 70 deg.
    Ask on the vega 56 owners forum about the Pulse card, and for some easy undervolting settings (I'd guess mem @ 945mhz/1000mv - P6 1632mhz/1000mv, P7 1672/1050mv) - That will mean nothing at the moment, but a quick look at global wattman in the radeon settings software and you'll quickly see what I mean.
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