Hard drive trouble

24 Jun 2006
i have reciently replaced my mobo and set my sytem up how it was but i forgot to plug my second hard drive (maxtor 80gig) back in. once i relised this i shut down windows and plugged it in and restarted the pc. now i get an error saying error loading operatign system.
the hard drive doesnt have a os on it it only has a few files i use it to drop files on when my main harddrive is getting full

i have tried booting windows and plugging the hd in but like i suspected nothing happened.

i have even tried repairing windows but still get the error, i though it would have rewrite the window files on the maxtor hard drive but it didnt.

i have even done a full format on my normal drive to see if that would help (normal drive needed a format any way so i didnt was any time doing it)

has any one got any suggestions as to what i can do apart from formating the drive. i kind of wanted to get the files of the hardrive before it came to that
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