Help me decide

24 Oct 2002
I cannot decide between buying a new hard drive and replacing my very very old 120gb maxtor, an external drive, a hard drive and external enclosure.

I am using a 74gb raptor for my OS and main apps. I use the 120gb for media. So I'm looking for more space because the 120gb just isnt enough. But having thought I should get an external drive I'm not so sure anymore. It feels like it would be easier and alot cheaper just to buy a 300-400gb drive and replace the 120gb. I've had the 120gb maxtor for 4-5 years now, so I think its on its way out and I dont want to have to rely on it for anything.

I'm thinking having a drive internally will be faster access, cheaper, better warranty, and probably better cooling than an icy box enclosure or premade external drive.

Thoughts on this? Or ways to sway me in any direction of purchase as I want to do it before morning.

Oh, and does anyone know of any caddies that are plug in play allowing 2 drives to be pushed in and out almost in a toaster fashion. I've seen a few in my day but I'm not sure if they are actually available.
18 Oct 2002
Or you could do what I did, put a nice new 300GB in the main PC, and used my old 80GB drive, as an external drive. :D
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