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Home Server for 20-40 VMs

Discussion in 'Servers and Enterprise Solutions' started by JakeyyB, 30 Mar 2021.

  1. wesley


    Joined: 29 Jul 2003

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    You'll be running VMware horizon?
  2. Hellsmk2


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    20-40 vm's is a lot for a home setup. Most SME's run less than that!

    Those vm's are going to be site idle a lot of the time, so a thread ripper seems like monstrous overkill. If you're working on VDI like basis, Vmware suggest a 10:1 vcpu per core ratio as a starting point (reality is more like 6:1 in real world).

    I'd value resilience over raw power any day of the week; have you considered a 2 node robo vsan instead? Exta node for resilience with shared storage. Would also be a bit more fun to play with than a big standard esxi host.

    For the price of that homebuild server, you could get 2 or even 3 proper tower servers that would be more suitable.
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  3. Cooler running

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Mar 2019

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    Location: Channel Islands

    I don't get it, really.
    Are you doing it to provide your whole extended family a virtual machine? I really can't imagine what you could possibly be thinking.
  4. Dunks


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  5. JakeyyB


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  6. Cooler running

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Mar 2019

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    Do you need full virtual machines to do this though? sounds like the sort of thing a single VM running multi-threaded software could achieve.
  7. BusError

    Wise Guy

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    I think that whole thread is hilarious. Thanks for that :)

    HUGE machine, VMs, piles of memory for 40 web pages. ROFL. yeah *3 GB of RAM per webpage* even chrome can't do that!

    I ran several websites in a VPS with 128 *MB* of ram for years, all of them with quite a few users.
  8. Bouton Aide


    Joined: 9 Aug 2008

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    The web pages will be ran in chrome. Each tab will be 4GB each. per user.
  9. xPETEZx


    Joined: 10 Feb 2021

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    Did you ever build this 'monster'?

    Did seem an odd setup running 40 VMs with a browser in each...
  10. m4rkw7


    Joined: 19 Jul 2010

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    Are you not going to run RAID?
  11. Cyber-Mav


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    I wouldnt bet on it ;)
  12. ecksmen

    Wise Guy

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    How are you going to manage 40 vms - how do you intend managing / interacting with 40 chrome instances? This in my view is screaming for some sort of sandboxing like tool - docker container, with centralised management. Windows Sandbox may be another easier tool.