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I Want to be an Arms Dealer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edrof, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Azza


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    You'd need to prove the buyer is over 18 for a start, how would you go about that? Ask for ID prior to purchase?
  2. wolfie138


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    so where are they living now?
  3. Maccapacca


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    I always enjoy looking on Matt Eastons website. His sword descriptions are great.
    I keep toying with the idea of collecting antique swords.
    Swords with provenance interest me the most, so I'll put it off for a few years until I can put more cash towards it.
  5. 1664kronenbourg


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    Ever been to the Royal Armouries in Leeds or read a book called Classical Weaponry of Japan?
    I'm talking about serious hardcore gear
  6. ttaskmaster


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    You're making them into furniture? :p
    Depending on how that's done, you might instead alienate a lot of the enthusiast/collector market and instead attract clueless new-money modernist types who don't give a **** about the write-ups, because to them it's just a sword...

    Alas, that market is already well covered...
  7. MonkeyMan


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    Your pictures are pretty good, another option to get you started might be to sell prints (digital / framed) on places like Etsy. Digital is really easy to run as they just download the file but you will make more money on framed prints (you can get a third party to handle that if you like). Perhaps add a bit of history or a quote from the time period to put some story in to the pic, something to appeal to a wider market.

    Just an idea anyway.
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  8. AHarvey


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    Put a cork on the end?
  9. Edrof


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    I already do that with people I don't know: I ask for a photo of a driver's licence or similar.

    I'm not just saying this, but aside from their amazing history they are excellent investments. I've made FAR more by putting my money into them than any bank account.

    Nope, but I've read many others. I don't know much about Japanese swords...yet. :)

    Essentially, yes, but I bringing them into the everyday home will only increase the appreciation of them, in my opinion.

    Thank you! Someone else has mentioned doing prints but I don't know who would buy them, to be honest.
  10. AhhBisto


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    This is actually pretty awesome niche you've got here.

    But I feel as though you might do better targeting professional/business audience and keeping your website as more of a blog/promotional tool?

    Building up a customer list and seeking out shows (if there are any?) would be a good start, other established collectors, museums, media production groups etc.

    But I defiantly do understand what you're attempting to do with them, especially with how people like to design their homes now lol

    Btw I can tell your my fiancée certainly doesn't use those as sword knots... https://www.instagram.com/p/BieY-PaHgAE/?hl=en
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  11. labcoattech


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    Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range?
  12. ttaskmaster


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    Not a good idea. Everyone who comes into the house will want to pick it up and play with it. These things aren't toys...!
  13. CREATIVE!11


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    Fantastic collection you got there lad.

    I'm not exactly someone who has a passion for this kind of stuff but can appreaciate the importance.
  14. plasmahal

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  15. 413x


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    Will you be dealing with weapons in the form of words?
  16. Alex_6n2


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    This is the only response I was looking for :D
  17. Angilion

    Man of Honour

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    An interior design feature made of weapons that aren't firearms...

    It's the Iron Throne of Westeros, isn't it? :)
  18. Edrof


    Joined: Nov 16, 2009

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    Thanks again all!

    What does she use them as... *gasp*?

    And thanks. I have excellent links with the militaria collectors but it's getting into the mainstream market that will be the tricky part. I'll need to do some more interior design and lifestyle research.

    Thank you, sir!

    The pen is mightier, after all!

    Okay, that honestly sounds like a great idea...
  19. wolfie138


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    some of your sig pics are cool, but some are too "busy" for my tastes, taking the attention away from the weapons.
  20. Uther


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    Well you can still buy inert/deacs easily enough, just tick a box to confirm you are over 18 and away you go.Check out Henry Kranks in Leeds to see how it's done.
    I just bought a rather nice inert Scottish steel pistol. Mechanism all works but no touch hole and the barrel is blocked and slotted underneath (new post 1017 rules, before then just having no touch hole drilled was enough)
    Of course, for real antiques you don't even need a license.