i7-7980XE RAM overclocking voltages

28 May 2018
East Midlands
I have a few questions in regarding to overclocking my RAM (octo 8GB 3000C14-14-14-34-1T) B-die, not stable with XMP only) to 3400C16-17-17-34-1T (I know I should be able to lower the timings, but time&effort vs payoff isn't enough for me currently):

I am running [email protected] (manual), [email protected] (auto), and [email protected] (manual). I haven't set VDIMM higher because it doesn't seems to effect stability in my testing so far, and B-die like <40c (currently @ 36c).

I can get the system to boot and run memtest86 (USB stick) and Prime95 (newest version, blend test, Win10) fine for 24hr+ without issue. But every now and again, I get a random BSOD with no consistency in the error code. I have tried running this system with quad 4GB 3000C15 Hynix and there was no issue if I just turn on XMP, so I doubt it's anything but my DRAM OC (I have CPU at stock clock/VCORE/boost currently). I have also tried to run the system for around a week at 2666MHz/auto timing/1T and it worked flawlessly.

  1. I want to know of the difference between VCCIO and VCCSA for DRAM OC on Skylake-X? My bulk clock is 100MHz, and mesh is 2400MHz (both stock, I will OC core and mesh after DRAM). Some 'official' references with answers would be nice.
  2. I would like to know which voltages affect the IMC more between VCCIO and VCCSA.
  3. Does mesh clock effect DRAM clock? I know you are suppose to raise mesh clock to 'keep up' with core clock when OCing, but does this matter with DRAM clock at 3400MHz (if ever)?

Thank you for any input.
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