1. wmc45

    New PC build - not booting

    Specs: Cpu - Amd Ryzen 7700x Gpu - Nvidia GeForce rtx 3070 Ti Mobo - MSI B650 GAMING PLUS WIFI RAM - Patriot Viper Venom DDR5 16GB PSU - Corsair Cv450 I’ve bought a pre built gaming pc, and have slowly upgraded things like the RAM and GPU, I have recently taken the plunge and upgraded the...
  2. ju33lzzz

    HELP!!!!!!!! DEBUG CODE 0D OR OD

    Hi there good day all since Monday I have been having an issue with my gigabyte x570 aorus master board where it has been giving me an error code reading after turning it on od/0d and i have tried everything under the sun if not almost everything from pulling down the pc repasting the cpu...
  3. dasenlykkeh1012

    DRAM volts going down

    Has anyone experienced manually setting the DRAM in BIOS but when you check the volts sometimes, it goes below what you set. I set mine at 1.28v but it went down to 1.26v. What could have caused this? Here's my ram: DELTA RGB DDR4 DESKTOP MEMORY
  4. Macho Fantastic

    DRAM/VGA/BOOT red lights issue - X570 MPG Gaming Edge Wifi.

    Hello folks, I need help. First of all here is my system: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi. Ryzen 3600. GTX 1070 Corsair AX 760. So my computer randomly shut down over the weekend and thinking it might be related to a bit of dust or something I did the usual cleanout. Upon finishing I started the...
  5. JayW1993

    Need Help with XMP Profile Issues!!

    Hi, im new to even basic overclocking and need some help with an issue im getting when trying to use an XMP Profile. I recently purchased 32gb of Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200mhz Ram, this is however running at just 2133mhz currently. I have attempted to use XMP Profiles (both 1 and 2) which...
  6. marlies

    i7-7980XE RAM overclocking voltages

    I have a few questions in regarding to overclocking my RAM (octo 8GB 3000C14-14-14-34-1T) B-die, not stable with XMP only) to 3400C16-17-17-34-1T (I know I should be able to lower the timings, but time&effort vs payoff isn't enough for me currently): I am running VCCIO@1v (manual), [email protected]...
  7. Horndrill

    New Pc won't Post

    So I recently upgraded my pc, installed all components without a hitch but noticed my cpu was running a little hot. I removed it, replaced thermal paste and heatsink and now my pc won't boot. It turns on but with a red light on the "Ez debug" lights next to dram. Doesn't reach bios. I figured...
  8. Jim Westhead

    First time to overclock memory and already a roadblock....

    Hi, I've just built a new PC and I'm new to overclocking, but have read internet posts regarding memory o/c, so I downloaded THAIPHOON BURNER Super Blaster - Free Edition version build 1116 Cumulative, and Ryzen Dram Calculator 1.7.0. My memory is 2X16Gig Corsair Dominator Platinum...
  9. Nelly

    DRAM industry likely to face oversupply in 2019

  10. Gibbo


    Hi there As is well known memory prices have being consistently increase the past few months and continue to do so, however as always OcUK enjoys bucking the trend and we have some totally amazing pricing on DDR4 DRAM that undercuts our competitors. Even better all our DRAM deals are using...
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