ITX Build that will fit my palit super clocked 1080 gtx

13 Jul 2005
I'd really appreciate some advice or ideally even to spec me a build a new pc I want it build.

Initially I would prefer to have a compact itx case that would fit in my current palit 1080 Gtx super jet stream card.

As well as this I'd like a 8700k and ideally a water cpu cooler that would allow me to oc it to 5ghz, a 1gb ssd and a 3 or 4gb hdd and 16g ram.

Ive tried to build myself but keep struggling to find one that will all of the above to all fit in.

Any help would be appreciated
26 Aug 2013
My basket at Overclockers UK:
Total: £1,150.18 (includes shipping: £12.30)

Think that's the cheapest decent 280mm liquid cooler right now bar the Eisbaer which can be hit and miss with build quality/performance.

RAM is a bit of a luxury and you could shave £50 or more easily there if you don't care too much about quality die and timings and overclocking it.

Specced a 9700K as the 8700K doesn't make much sense anymore* and it also tends to be hotter.

* If you need multithreading, go with Ryzen 3600 or higher. Same performance by some whiskers, cheaper, less security issues + performance hit with multithreading.

Eyeballing it, I'd say there's a good chance of the Palit 1080 Super Jetstream fitting (just about), but only OcUK can confirm when you ask them for a build quote and let them know about that requirement. Or someone who's tried that card in that case. It's a "triple slot" card but not exactly three slots.

Can ask OcUK for a quote here.
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19 Apr 2003
/kinda off topic

@tamzzy - we've found the new temporary stand-in for Orbi - all INTEL builds now assigned to @Danny75 (you'll enjoy EsaT's input on these builds -although he's been AWOL for a bit too, but by choice.)

*He even supplied a RGB AIO - it's as though he walks among us... :D
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