Manchester Meet-Up

11 Apr 2004
Manchester French Car Meet-Up

Don't think we've had one of these before, so here we go.

Just gauging interest for a Manchester mini-meet this month. I go away on holiday for a week on the 21st August, so either before then, or early September... before the RR would be good. Get to know a few faces beforehand.

I was basically thinking of cymatty (cheers for the idea matey), Worthy, Andi and Goliath. I know Coco lives in Manchester, and any other people nearby.

I'm guessing the M60/M62 span quite a way throughout Manchester and Bolton, so perhaps we could meet at a service station along there.

Anybody for this?

----- Update -----

Suggested meeting date is the 14th August 2005, around 11am at a service station along the M62 motorway, between junction 18 and 19.

If you're a definite for the 14th, please e-mail me to let me know :) In trust.

Attendee List (definitely available for the 14th)
agw_01 - Rover 214 - Andrew
Paradigm - Saxo VTR - Elliot
thedazman67 - Renault 5 - Daz
cymatty - Saxo VTR - Simon
Firestar_3x - Renault Clio - Mark
Deadley123 - Peugeot 205 - Please confirm this mate :)
GT3 - Saxo VTR
paulspiteri - Rover 214 - Paul
Coco - Renault Clio 172
Astra Coupe 2.2 - Andrew

Possible Attendee List
Trickle - ?
Tupac - Vauxhall Corsa - Said he is still up for it in another thread.
MattPC - Citroen Xantia HDi - Provided he can collect his car in time.
Braeden - Nissan 200SX - Lee - Back problems will keep us updated.
Mike - Boxster - Needs to rearrange his Sunday Golf.
Gilly - Clio Cup - You know you want to :p

Provisional Meeting Plan
The plan so far is to meet along services on the M62 (here) and then proceed towards Saddleworth to find a place to stop, have lunch and talk about the day ahead... also a good opportunity to get some nice mug shots to post on the forums when we get back home :p

After the meal, the general idea is to go for a drive and possible stop for another chat afterwards. No idea where we'll end up after the drive though.

The roads lead back to the M62 motorway, so people can simply go off in their seperate ways after the meet has ended.

From what I can tell, there will be a group MSN conversation to discuss the meet on Thursday evening. If everyone who is 99% sure they can go could add me to MSN (and either e-mail me or post in the thread showing the first part of their e-mail address) it'll give me a good idea of the numbers involved in the convo. Could get quite messy though :)

Map and Directions
Thanks to cymatty, we have the following map of the route and some information about the meet...

Map of the route

Purple is the restraunt
Blue is a carpark suitable for pictures etc
Yellow is a suggested meetup place to maintain the group

cymatty said:
Ok so far the plan is to meet at the services then follow the m62 to junction 22, there we will come of and go for some food. Then the plan is to follow the road round to the yellow blob and stop at a pub to keep people together.

Everything needs to be finalised for 10am Saturday morning, so that the restaurant can be booked and final decisions made. If you will be attending, please make sure that you either post in this thread before Saturday morning, or can make it to the MSN conversion at 9:30pm tonight.
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11 Apr 2004
At the moment I'm working 10am-3pm and then 5pm-8pm during the week, but could probably get an evening off from the 2nd job to attend the meet on a week night.

Weekend could be good though, especially Sunday, as there would hopefully be less traffic around and so more fun along country lanes. Of course, we could all stop off in the pub I work at for a nice lunch and a pint before setting off for a drive.
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