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Maths at A-level

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deehjay, 1 Feb 2012.

  1. mjt


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    You'll be fine.
  2. PanMaster

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    A-level maths is relatively easy.

    You'll need A* further maths and an advanced Step paper to enter some university physics/maths courses now.

    University maths is staggeringly difficult, especially linear algebra because it's so mind numbing.
  3. mattjd

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    I am currently doing A level Maths. You can't coast through this subject, I know this because I am currently predicted a D because I put no effort in and never do the homework.

    You need to do the same amount of school hours you do for a subject at home as well. I've pulled my socks up and started working harder and doing the homework but because I coasted before Christmas I am finding it hard to pick up but I am finding my way there.

    TL;DR - Put in the effort from the start or you will find it hard to catch up. Do equal amount of work at home as you do at school.
  4. Deehjay

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    Haha yeah, I was gobsmacked when I saw the position on the list also, guess that's the plan of getting the closest Uni to home gone down the pan
  5. Tikkabhuna


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    I found that some of it took a while to click, then you can do the problems all day. I went from a D at AS to an A at A-level.

    I did have a tutor for a little while for my A-levels. I'd definitely recommend looking for one if you're having trouble.
  6. rogan

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    If you dont do further maths as well i wouldnt even consider doing anything with maths at uni, (straight compsci is fine)

    its HARD


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    Most people find AS fairly simple, although this year (A2) most people found the first exam difficult, although it was quite a harsh paper. It's just learning how to apply a few formulae, do a few past papers, then the exams just like another past paper. But as long as you have the motivation to do well, you more than likely will do well.
  8. Destination


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    I feel everyone has a maths ceiling.
    Up to that point things make easy sence, do not require much thought.
    Processes are easily learnt and questioned worked out.
    Once you go beyond your ceiling, there is a stage where lots of hard work you can figure things out with effort.
    Above this things will be beyond your comprehesion, and very difficult to work out at all.

    The level varies from person to person.
  9. Deehjay

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    Location: Nottingham

    Anyone fancy telling me what further maths is? :p, I don't know much about 'further education'!
  10. bluDawg


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    If you dont do well with maths try statistics as it it **** easy and still classed as maths
  11. FoxEye


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    At A-level (back when I did it), Maths is broken down into Stats, Pure Maths, Mechanics.

    Stats was trivially easy.
    Pure was a bit harder but interesting.
    Mechanics was (for me) impossible to comprehend :p

    It was the first time in my education that I realised I wasn't "good at maths"; I was merely competent at some branches of maths and terribad at others :p
  12. Arcimbaldo


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    Im doing Maths A level at the moment,
    I find the core stuff relatively easy, but the decision maths is the problem for me, i just have no work ethic when it comes to working out the shortest route from A to B, as well it just seems pointless.

    Further maths is basically taking the principles of maths and exploring them further and applying them to more situations, would only recommend this if you breeze through GCSE with an A/A*.

    But as others have said if you put your head down and don't slack off for the first 3 months (like i did) then you should be fine.
  13. Deehjay

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    Joined: 16 Nov 2011

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    So how do you do further maths? Is it at college?
  14. Scon

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    Joined: 27 Mar 2010

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    It's an A level offered by most schools (at least it was in my area)
  15. Rollo


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    I found it easier than GCSE!
  16. mavers


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    If you enjoy it and spend enough time on the material you should be able to get through it. If you don't, its going to be painful 2 years.

    How well are you doing at GCSE Maths? Its not a direct indicator, but if you are doing poorly at GCSE, I wouldn't consider it for an A-Level. Having said that, getting an A* at GCSE is no guarantee that you'll enjoy/do well at A-Level.
  17. Deehjay

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    Joined: 16 Nov 2011

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    Location: Nottingham

    I'm doing alright, I did a module in year 9 that was supposed to be worth 20% and I was 6 marks off an A, but now that's been scrapped and we're doing 1 linear exam for 100% I think. I do struggle with some things, I'm not the best at angles/shapes etc but everything else I'm (mostly) fairly confident on.
  18. Deehjay

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 16 Nov 2011

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    Location: Nottingham

    Even though I struggle, I really hope I can get through and if it means I have to work hard I will, I want to do Computer Science.
  19. Macky


    Joined: 5 Apr 2009

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    I'm doing both Maths & Further maths. Normal maths seems a doddle compared to f.maths. The good thing is that both subjects back each other up immensely (as well as physics which I also took). If you listen in lesson in maths it's pretty easy. Core 1 is really easy it's just recapping stuff from GCSE with a bit of new stuff like differentiation and integration. Both really easy on C1 though. Core 2 is pretty easy so far too. I did my M1 (mechanics 1) exam in January and it is a step up from normal maths yes and it's a bit abstract but if you revise key stuff you should be ok. I think you can do M1 with just normal maths in the 2nd year but with further maths you do it in first year. It also helps physics a LOT.

    If you're not interested in further maths then I'll stop talking about it. In summary, if you're decent at GCSE you should do fine. I am doing fine I think. Although further maths certainly requires a lot more effort from me to do well. I only got A in maths at GCSE wanted an A* but what can you do. People in my AS maths class now who got am A* at GCSE actually find it a lot harder than me. Probably because I took f.maths too. Oh yeah that's another thing. The pace of f.maths is much quicker because the teacher expects that you're great at maths. Annoyingly pretty much everyone in my f.maths class is a genius so I can feel kinda dumb sometimes.

    /Do maths. Good A level.
  20. Guitarman0

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    I am currently doing maths mechanics and you will find that a lot of people will complain about how hard it is as they compare it to GCSE. Yes it is a step up from GCSE but it is much more interesting in my opinion and to be honest you will get used to the extra work load pretty quickly :)