6 Aug 2020
Hello Everyone :)
Context” : Ive just recently gotten myself back into the swing of building PCs again and jumped straight for the deep end of sff PCs and ITX builds for the fun and challenges. Im also planning to custom loop this build as it would be my main PC for myself ranging from gaming to editing to rendering.

I recently was able to snag a i9-9900k for a great price and with help of my inventory have a choice of 2 motherboards that I can use:
- Asus ROG Strix z390-i Gaming
- ASRock z-390 Phantom Gaming ITX/AC

Im looking to OC my i9-9900k to around 5.0GHz, nothing extreme, ram will be set to XMP (until I have time to learn) and will be OCing my RTX 2070 super FE for the other components.
Now from general consensus I gathered that the ASRock board has better VRMs in turn better temps with the ASUS board has a more features/looks etc...

However I have also obtained a “EK Momentum ASUS Z390-i monoblock” from a friend of mine which raises a few questions:

- Is the ASUS board that bad/ much worse in VRMS/ temps compared to the ASRock board for OC’ing an i9-9900k to around 5.0/5.1 GHz to make it unsustainable?

- The EK- ASUS Monoblock that I have, would that also siginificantly improve temps/sustainability if I went that route? Or is it more for aesthetics?

- Which route would be better? :
Ie Asus z390-i + EK monoblock. Vs. ASRock z390 + CPU block?

Many Thanks for anyone that can give advice or more information about this!
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