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Mr. Robot

Discussion in 'US TV shows discussion.' started by SexyGreyFox, May 27, 2015.

  1. Zico


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    Finally got round to watching this over the holiday. A good final series and a good ending. It's a shame that this had to end so soon.
  2. Darujhistan


    Joined: Oct 28, 2011

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    Some standout episodes in a fantastic final season, particulary early, late and the 'chase' episode which is very likely to be the best single episode of TV i'll watch in 2020.

    I'm actually glad it's done it's been great TV even allowing for the messy 2nd season, and nice for it to leave before it gets dragged out and ruined as we have seen so often before.
  3. ZXSpectrum


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    I really enjoyed Method Not Allowed, Proxy Authentication Required and Gone episodes. I thought they were all excellent.
  4. Gman


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    Ok just to check that I've understood everything in the final.

    Basically everything we've seen in all the seasons actually happened, just that most of it was carried out by Eliot aka 'The mastermind' and Mr Robot, to protect the 'real' Eliot who they kind of sent to a sort of fantasy reality where everything was fine just a little boring?
  5. Zico


    Joined: Jan 15, 2003

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    I understood it as everything was real (apart from the obvious 'dream' type sequences at times). Elliot was being protected by Mr Robot, Mrs Robot and young Elliot but while the 'others' knew what Elliot was, he didn't. The 'real' Elliot was being protected by them all due to his problems growing up and his actual dad doing what he did.
  6. Glanza


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    Finally got around to watching S4 and damn I'm annoyed at myself for leaving it alone, what a series some of those episodes were amazing and the ending wow.

    Gutted it's ended but compared to how most shows go out this is one of the benchmarks other shows need to aim for.
  7. Mak3R

    Wise Guy

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    Finally got round to finishing the final season. Watched it in drabs as having a young baby makes finding the time difficult. Some excellent episodes throughout, particularly the end of the therapy episode with the 'reveal'. Malek needs some sort of award for that performance. The 2 part finale had me confused thoroughly by part 1 but part 2 explained it all nicely (at least to me anyway I had to spell it out again to my wife who didn't follow it haha). Wrapped everything up well.