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MSI 980Ti > EVGA 1080 Ti - Worthwhile upgrade?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Master Skooter, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. ThunderLicker


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    I used to have a 980ti and i5 2500k at 4.8ghz and it was already a bottleneck for the 980ti, console experience with certain games dropping frames to pretty much unplayable levels, this was back when the 980ti was current card, and there weren't that many games that were as multi threaded back then so now it will only be worse. I upgraded to a 1080ti but was already on a different processor at that point after seeing the writing on the wall in games like battlefield 1 and how bad the frame drops were.

    Friend of mine had an overclocked 3570k with a 980ti and I quote "the division 2 is a microstuttering mess," he replaced it with a 2700x and was a night and day difference.

    All depends on the games you play tho, but as soon as you get that one you're trying to enjoy and it runs like garbage because of the processor it'll annoy you badly.
  2. Mensy


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    where can one get a 1080ti for £300 ?
  3. CuriousTomCat

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    I doubt you'll find one for that price with a long enough warranty. Though I guess if you enjoy a good gamble, you can have a look at used graphics cards on auction sites and Gumtree. Maybe you'll be lucky and it will last a few years without breaking.
  4. LoadsaMoney


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  5. arc@css


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    Still a beast of a card. :)