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Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by hornetstinger, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. hornetstinger


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    Considiring updating my Nas
    Have a d-link dns-323 with alt f which has single 3tb drive (stock firmware I think caps at 1tb?) Apparently with alt f it'll support any size drive. This can support lms.

    Other Nas is a qnap ts-209 ii with 2 X 2tb drives. Running Lms.

    Doesn't have to be brand new. Dual or quad bay. Won't be using transcoding. What is transcoding used for anyway as all my devices play whatever is on the Nas anyway.

    A faster Nas for Logitech squeezebox is priority. I have a pi3 but getting it to automount and auto start lms was a chore.

    There's a Synology ds213+ for sale just considering other options.

    Want it sub £100. Ideally support decent sized drives in the near future, or qnap at 2tb is pretty much end of life 4tb is enough storage but don't want similar limited max size.