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New 4870X2

20 Oct 2002
North West
What are the best control center settings for this?

Temps - using AMD GPU tool - max 93C (GFX 0) and max 68 (GFX 1).

Using 8.9 drivers.

Current temp is 70 - 50.
22 Aug 2008
You can try the 8.10betas if you want manual fan control in the control center, or RivaTuner 2.11 with this guide. I recommend the Riva method because it's more flexible and will try and keep your target temps.

If you mean 3D settings, I find 4X edge-detect AA, adaptive AA, high mipmap and advanced Cat AI to work fine in Warhead and other games @ 1920x1200. Up until the end boss, of course...

BTW, I idle at 48C and load 74C currently. I was previously using 35% fan and 45% fan respectively but now with RivaTuner managing it the noise actually goes down a lot during games. It's very quick to react to changes in temps.
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