New to SSDs Advice

16 Aug 2012
Hi all,

My parts for my new build will be arriving tomorrow, and it includes a 128gb SSD drive (SanDisk Extreme). This is my first SSD and wanted to know if someone has a guide that can help me with setting it up, Can I treat is a normal HDD or from what people have told me, is this a bad idea.

I was told that you need to setup as ACHI and then install Windows 7 then begin optimization, this is where I'm confused as many sites say differant ways of doing this...come on guru's please enlighten me!!! :D
3 Feb 2009
For the most part just plug it in and make sure TRIM is enabled.

There are a lot of arguments/debates over whether paging should be on/off, on the drive or not (I generally keep a page file on a HDD in the same system so that it's available, but it's extremely rarely used in modern systems with so much RAM)

I try to keep it no more than about 60% full as that should help with wear levelling, and keep it for the OS and programs that I either want to load particularly fast or be particularly responsive... anything that you don't care how fast it opens, leave it on a conventional drive.

There was a lot of concern when they first came out over wear levels and how long they'd last. For the most part, the answer we're finding now is that they last well enough not to be overly concerned: especially with the newer, larger drives which have smarter levelling algorithms, larger caches and more free space to allow them to level wear and use.

So yeah, plug it in, turn TRIM on, put your OS and programs on it and then don't worry about it.