New to watercooling - Some advice please!

5 Oct 2020
Hey all,

I'm just on the dive board about to jump into the water but need some advice first and hoping you dudes could help...

I've got my main components on the way:
  • Lian Li/EK O11D vertical-side Distro-Plate G1– Incl. Pump
  • EK-Velocity D-RGB CPU Water Block
  • Bykski N-GV3090GMOC-X Block for Gigabyte 3080 Vision OC
  • x2 Black Ice Nemesis Radiator GTS 360mm
Things still to get : Hardline, Heat gun, bending toolkit etc but one thing I'm stuck on are the connectors.

When I look at various builds everyone seems to use different types of connectors depending on how things like the GPU/CPU line up with the distro plate/pump/rad. My question is - how do I know which ones to get without putting the whole thing together first. i.e. do I need extensions so the tubes go over the top of the RAM, do I need 90 degree rotary adapters for the gpu, on this build the connectors on the rads are longer than the ones on the cpu - how come? I'm quite lost right now :-/

Also, what's the deal with pressure testing tools, flow indicators, drain valves etc. Do I need all of these?

Thanks :)
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