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Nvidia stock tumbles

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Razor Time, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. 4K8KW10


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  2. Scania


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    Agree entirely, I’ve had Nvidia cards for years (my last AMD/ATI was an X1950 Pro AGP!)

    But now it’s either second hand or not at all as far as I’m concerned re any future Nvidia purchases and I’m hoping AMD have something decent in the pipeline for the future.

    They’ve bitten too many of the hands that feed them imo.
  3. andybird123


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    They mostly appear to be process related, so it would be TSMC they would have to go after as nvidia dont define the process - they could have had success against samsung as samsung act as their own fab, but nvidia don't produce their own chips so its difficult to see how nvidia are in breach of most of these patents. Broadcom used to be fabless but iirc that changed when avago bought them out and merged the companies.
  4. D.P.


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    It is likely due to the fact that TSMC is not a US corporation unlike Nvidia. Their patents are only US based so Xperi like any good patent troll are going after whomever they can.

    It looks like NVidia were in discussion with Xperi for a few years so the fact that Nvidia didn't bother to license the patents likely means that Xperi don't have much of a case. Patent infringements normally come about when one party did not discover an existing patent and accidentally invent the same technology. Being creative and conducting lots of R&D gives a company like Nvidia lot of risk compared to simply using existing IP and design. I would be dubious Nvidia failed to fully understand the patnets before ending talks with Xperi.
  5. Satchfanuk


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    Samsung lost in a legal battle over the same patents and they aren't a US corporation so I don't see that as much of an argument. Nvidia have form for ignoring patents and have lost before so it wouldn't surprise me if they lose here too. Time will tell. It also seems that nowadays if anyone sues over patents they are automatically branded as patent trolls. Sounds to me like Xperi have designed these technologies and are happily licencing them to others. Nvidia will have to cough up eventually. If Samsung's lawyers couldn't get a win, I don't see Nvidia having much luck.

    It sure is hitting Nvidia's stock at the moment though. That plus financials due soon could hit them harder. The market has a fair bit of pessimism about Nvidia right now, probably due to the previous quarters.
  6. D.P.


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    Samsung have US based operations, TMSC doesn't AFAIK.

    Nvidia have the same patent issues as any large tech company with a big R&D budget. They don't really have any consistent record of infringement beyond industry norms

    Nvidia's stock has nothing to do with the patent case. Mostly related to bigger tech industry warnings and the realization of mutli-billion dollar autonomous car revenue is still some years away. Nvidia stock was massively over valued.
  7. Grim5


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  8. D.P.


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    Also, this is just plain false. Xperi is a patent troll, they buy out patents form other companies and then litigate to make profit. they don;t actually do much design of their own at all


    Their entire bussines s model is based on buying patents and licening where they can through extortion and threat of infringement law suits
  9. Gerard


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    Despite the naysayers? Wasnt it nvidia themselves that said sales of the rtx was sluggish?
  10. orbitalwalsh


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    not nivida related as such but with trump hitting china with tariffs , AMD slumped 6% - was looking to sink in one of my old mans pensions into AMD before ryzen 3000 launch , did the same with one of his olders start of 2017 into AMD. with that small drop from trump gained quite a lot :D


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    From another report:

    The stock only rose marginally as they made $20 million more than they predicted they would for this quarter.

    The drop in graphics sales YoY is massive.


    Sales of graphics cards look much reduced year on year and even margins are down,and this even after the cheaper mass market cards like the GTX1650,GTX1660 and GTX1660TI were released. These sell significantly more in number than the higher end cards and replaced the old Turing cards,and the drop in memory prices should help with costs. This is also with AMD "competing" with out of date cards,and hardly having any laptop dGPU share too.

    The experts on here were saying that graphics card sales were booming,yet apparently it looks card sales in general have massively gone down for everyone. No wonder when card prices have increased at the top end,and its taken years for us to see solid progress as generations of GPUs are stretched out more and more by both companies, and both only marginally try to compete on price/performance. A midrange RTX2060 is selling for not far off what an enthusiast GTX1070 was selling for,so that increase in ASP also will be masking these numbers.
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