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*** Offers & Bargains, all Consoles ***

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Hilly, Apr 23, 2012.



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    Microsoft can't be making hardly anything on a £119 console. Microsoft are trying to get rid of dead stock before next year.
  2. TNA


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    Yeah, I get all that guys. Does not stop me wishing it would go on sale though ;)

    I could hold out on a PS5, but that is 11-12 months away and I do fancy playing FF7 remake on release rather than waiting so will just pick one by soon.

    I would buy from @nashathedog who has one on members market but my guess is it has not warranty, is likely one of the older models that is noisy and he wants too much for it :p:D
  3. steve5424

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    It's not dead stock at all. Not everyone wants to get a next console at launch. Many will be happy with current gen.

    Also Microsoft will be making most of their money off the X system and off of games and gold subs.
  4. nashathedog


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    :eek: I bought it in march 2018 for £340 so there's not much warranty left, I've only used it for 3 or 4 hrs since I bought it but I don't recall it being noisy, Is there a way to check if it's a noisy model?
  5. mattf


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    hot deals has a Xbox s Deal big faff but works out as 85 pounds
  6. TNA


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    No idea. But my understanding is only the new ones have less noisy fans. Trouble with going for a PS4 Pro without warranty is if it breaks I am left with nothing. Might as well spend the extra £50 or so and go brand new and have warranty. That is probably the reason for lack of interest. I would make an offer but I do not want to offend, as in the past people have got upset, so I just don't bother.
  7. budge1972

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    I'm going to pick up a Death Stranding PS4 Pro today if I can find one. I'll be trading in my Xbox One in to bring the price down a bit. Not sure what I'll get for it though.
  8. Supercow


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    Ha, it stung when I bought Detroit become human, 2 weeks before it was free (was still an incrediblegame, so it's fine)
  9. KraniX


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  10. ~Divine~Wind~


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    They are nice consoles but getting hard to find now.

    Game ahd the best offer and that would've seen you paying about 130 on top of yer xbox but looks like that offer has ended.

    Games t+Cs for their tradeins is here:

    Now according to that you get an extra 15 quid trade-in for a console if you take in a pair of wlunwantedbxmasnaocks lol. Gotta be worth a pop into the hell mouth that is primark and spending a quid on yer way to game haha
  11. millsy888

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  12. Matt-Page


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  13. Soulja


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    Yes as its xbox live gold and game pass which gives you access to a lot of games for you to play.
  14. cheesyboy


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    Heads up that Xbox are running their £1 ultimate gamepass deal.

    Any xbox gold subscription you have prepaid on your account will convert to Ultimate when you buy the upgrade.

    I had 5.5 month on my son's Gold, bought 2x 12 month passes at ~£40 each, which I also got a free 13th month on each by agreeing to be rebilled for another year after it expires (then cancelled the rebilling), then paid the £1, so now he's got gamepass until Xmas 2022!

    33 months of Ultimate Gamepass for about £100
  15. ThestigGT999


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  16. ZXSpectrum


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    I believe its also free on Steam as well as Xbox Marketplace. :)