Pixel C / Tab S3 / Z4 Tablet or Windows 10 2-in-1

17 Jan 2015
Alright OCers, I'm after a sofa surfer. Must have a nice screen, be fast, decent battery life, good keyboard and touchpad if present. Gaming ability nice to have but not essential.

So I've just moved out from a flat into a large house with the Mrs. I have a nice desktop gaming rig in my own man-cave, but I would like a device I can use elsewhere in the house, one that doesn't irritate me; I currently have an Acer Chromebook R11, nice enough for what it is, but slow and low res screen, crap touchpad. I also have a Hudl2. Slow and outdated OS.

Don't want an iPad (Mrs already has one).

So it comes down to a decent Android tablet or a Windows 10 convertible.

The main options I see for Android Tablets are the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Sony Z4 Tablet and Pixel C. My reservations about the Galaxy Tab is the OS and the Touchwiz skin or whatever its called now. I've got a S7 Edge and Samsungs software still isn't the best IMO. The Z4 seems a bit more pared back in comparison but both will suffer from untimely updates. The Pixel C wont have that problem, but its a hell of a lot of money for a 16 month old device that could be replaced at any time.

These tablets are expensive enough that you may as well consider a Windows 10 2-in-1 device. There are a few choices out there and so I would like the opinions of anyone who may be using one in my price range. I wouldn't want one with a poor screen, crap touchpad or a slow processor so are there any standouts for the price. Would really have to cap my budget at £700 at the very most, but would obviously rather spend less.

Any thoughts? Tablet or laptop? And which one?
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