Project outline - and queries

23 Dec 2020
Hi all,

Thanks for anyone’s help (hell - thanks for even clicking to read).

Build plan;

Already owned;

CPU - Ryzen 9 5900x
GPU - Gigabyte Vision 3080 OC 10G
PSU - Corsair 750W
SSD 2TB for storage


Liam-Li O11 Dynamic (White)
Fans - I’m thinking 9x120mm, Corsair or Lian-Li ? White. RGB. 6 case fans and 3 for the AIO to replace stock fans so everything matches.
Motherboard - no idea ? Black.
AIO - Considering a Kraken Z73 but up for options. RGB on the cooler would be good, temp display in custom colours would be better. Does Kraken perform OK (temp and noise) ?
Custom cables and custom hose wraps - will sort once I’m happy with the rest/installed/can measure.
Commander Pro for RGB/Fan control ? Is that the right route.
RAM - Was thinking Corsair vengeance pro in white, 2x16GB
GPU Vertical Mount - Phantels apparently fits this case pretty well and still allows all 9 120mm fans to be used.

Anything I’ve forgotten ?

Thinking white case and parts to reflect the light (planning blue and purple) with a black motherboard as a kind of ‘background’

I’ve not done an RGB install before, if I use a commander pro to sort the fans, how do I control RGB on the RAM and GPU ? Guessing AIO will be customer software for whichever manufacturer?

I did consider water cooling the GPU as well but don’t think the options are available yet and I’m not ready to try a custom job.

Some parts coming from previous computer - the aim is to upgrade (new CPU) and increase aesthetics so this thing can sit on the desk instead of hiding under it. Any suggestions/thoughts appreciated
22 Oct 2008
I like the theme idea. For the AIOs I would recommend that you check out the GamersNexus reviews, they tend to be quite thorough. Anything that is solid in their view is a good start and then you can worry about aesthetics.

If you can get ahold of the white Lian Li fans, I would go for those, just to avoid the hundreds of cables you would have to manage for 9 Corsair fans.

Typically there will be multiple software products required for controlling fans, and some of them have been known to cause conflicts with each other at times.
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