Project Wingman (like AC7)

1 May 2013
On both GOG and Steam £19.49

Key Features:
  • Fly in varied and exciting scenarios and locations unlike you've ever seen before
  • Engaging single-player campaign
  • Over 20 different aircraft and over 40 unique weapons at your disposal
  • Fight different kinds of adversaries such as giant mechanized fortresses and railgun cannons
  • Test your skills in Conquest mode and fight against hordes of adversaries
  • Want a different Conquest experience? - Adjust it with modifiers to your liking
  • Beautiful 3D Volumetric clouds rendered with TrueSKY
  • Fully rebindable controls and HOTAS compatibility with DirectInput support
  • VR Support
16 Jul 2010
Looks good! I've been looking for a more arcadey or casual flight sim with decent graphics.

As much as I love the visuals of IL2, the complexity and amount of controls to bind make it hard to get into.
14 Sep 2008
Wasn't really feeling this till things got a little more heated on the 2nd mission. The first mission is stupidly long and a little boring, and kicking the game off in a darkened atmosphere does the game no justice. The 2nd mission you immediately feel the scale, open landscape, part of a huge air wing, and man it looks great being able to see it in all it's glory. The effects are fantastic, flying through clouds you get water droplets covering the canopy, likewise the shimmering reflections of the sun also look amazingly well detailed.

It chugged a couple of times while doing big air battles with missile trails and explosions around the plane, but nothing substantial, and all at ultra. Enjoyed the boss battle at the end of the stage, it set it apart from just being bland lock on fire and forget.

A couple of things though, the mini guns sound weak, and is there variations in cockpit design? I bought a 2nd plane, and was a little bit disappointed to see the same thing over.

It's recommendable at £20, it's fun. I would have thought they'll probably add more to it as they released it out of the blue.
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