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PS3 to kill PC Gaming?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Baine, 1 Jun 2006.

  1. Baine

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    Sony think so...

    Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios, has stated that the PlayStation 3 will kill the PC.

    "We believe that the PS3 will be the place where our users play games, watch films, browse the Web, and use other [home] computer functions," said Harrison. "The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC."

    Given that there were similar claims for the PS2 and movie playback was pretty dreadful, we can take these comments with a pinch of salt. It's a clear dig at Microsoft and its promotion of cross platform Xbox 360/PC functionality.

    Meanwhile Harrison is refuting claims that the new PS3 controller is copied from Nintendo.

    "We have already worked on it a long time, and Nintendo almost certainly has done likewise with something similar," Harrison said. "It is perfectly naturally for two companies to work on [nearly] identical devices. It's like that with technology. [The Dual Shock controller is the] de facto-industry standard for video games...We define the standard for the man-machine interface for playing games."

    Apparently the standard is giving you hand ache after half an hour. It's been a good day for goofiness from the rival console makers as Peter Moore's comments will attest.

    Source: Gamespot

    Could this be true or is Sony just being arrogant?
  2. MJ


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    you see that is what makes me think that sony are just idiots.
  3. EezerGoode


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    If it can write out my assignments for Uni its a winner. And use MS project and visio and............
  4. Davey_Pitch

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    In a word, yes.
  5. Kreeeee

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    Sony have absolutely no chance!
  6. AWPC


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    This is so wrong. If anything the PC gaming scene will make a comeback as MS are pushing Vista + DX10 as the Xbox360 ports platform so if anything you will get a lot of the 360 games with better gfx + sound as they can be easily ported.

    PS3 will have to go some to convince people to fork out all that money when the 360 already does almost the same thing in games now.

    Most people will always use consoles purely for gaming & PCs will remain in the home for a long time to come & eventually evolve into all in 1 media & gaming solutions for the mainstream (which has been slowly happening for years now anyway).

    Sony are just a little worried that their PS3 will lose out to MS as come launchday the 360 will no doubt drop in price.

    PS3 only really has the PS2 brand in its favour @ this stage and that may not be enough as most people want VFM which is something a £400-500 PS3 cannot deliver on (they should drop the Blu-Ray support as that is a lot of the price). The real battle is Sony wanting to dominate the worldwide DVD market by pushing Blu-Ray via the PS3. It will take a lot of time for most people to ditch regular DVDs & upgrade so Sony will not have an easy time getting the PS3 established unless they drop the price to a sub £300 level.


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    The theory is there, consoles could very well kill off alot of PC needs.
    The spec of machines needed to run vista is shocking! so god knows what it will be like for gaming. Even when vista comes out it will take a year or so for games to get patched to work on it properly.
    If people only want to game surf the web and check e-mail then there is a point in, do you need a PC?
    With HD TV's the resolution is now there to browse the internet in an acceptable size.
    Not only the PS3 but the 360 will be going down a similar route with a web browser no doubt just around the corner. I have seen alot of people on here say if the 360 had a browser then they wouldnt need a PC. So how is the theory with the PS3 wrong?
    The only thing that shoots this in the foot is lack of p2p downloading support lol
    I have a decent PC, but with the 360 and the PS3 (When it comes out) will i really need to buy a PC game again? i only really play WoW on it, havent bought a PC game since Empire at war, next i will probably be STALKER, which will no doubt come to a Console anyway.
    I think we will see less and less PC games coming to consoles and more console games coming to PC.
  8. Werewolf


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    Hasn't this come up with the marketting and PR departments of most console manufacturers since practially the earliest PC games?

    This comes up with almost every new console being heralded as the "killer of the PC as a games platform".


    Joined: 27 Sep 2004

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    Apart from the xbox though lol
  10. teabagger

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    His comments were taken a little out of context. What he's talking about is it being a home media hub that sits under the telly, this is what he actually said (the bits in bold are the main question & answer).

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Speaking of online, Microsoft has just announced "Live Anywhere", an integrated Windows-Xbox-Mobile environment. Is that something you're worried about because you don't have the same access to the PC market as Microsoft does?

    Harrison: No, it doesn't concern me and I don't think it concerns the consumer either. Once you adopt a game system as your primary entertainment device, that's what you want. We think that Playstation 3 is the place where our users will be doing their gaming, their movie watching, their Web browsing and a lot of other computer entertainment functions. That will satisfy them. Playstation 3 is a computer. We don't need the PC
  11. Zefan


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    Replace PS3 with 360 and that'd make sense.
  12. McManicMan


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    i must admit i do like the browser feature in the ps3, something i don't think MS will do. So does this mean the ps3 comes with keyboard and mouse support as standard
  13. Kainz


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    Sony seem to like overestimating their stuffs, especially when they can do toy story 2 visuals...Given that they got ******* around like a brundlefly in a teleport chamber at E3 they're all talk and little else in my eyes.

    Even I said PC gaming was dead (see my blog 'why switch to xbox 360' article) yet I could never have seen Live being a part of Vista. In my eyes pc gaming is still dire, especially online but Vista and Live could change that. How will Sony compete against two massive online platforms? No chance.
    Last edited: 1 Jun 2006
  14. Smit


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    I actually enjoy PC Gaming possibly more so than I enjoy my Xbox 360. There are one or two great looking PC titles coming up to look forward to.

    PC Gaming will never die, consoles are just becoming more and more like a PC so in a weird sense it's the consoles that are dying ;) :p (wonder how many people are going to argue with that one :D )
  15. EezerGoode


    Joined: 10 Apr 2006

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    Only time I have really enjoyed PC gaming is when I used to play Quake 3 competatively. There was a good community for that back in early 2000. Ive not really played PC games that seriously since 2003 with the demise of Quake 3. I have dabbled with BF2 but its so much messing about trying to get a game with your mates it seems somewhat a lonely affair for me. What I love about 360 multiplayer gaming is the ease of getting a game with your mates.
  16. ste_bla


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    Dont think the blue ray thing is such a big thing..

    as ive just found out ps2's play dvd's!! had one for 2 years now and only just realised! :(
  17. Lee456


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    Lol, our PS2 was used to play DVDs a hell of a lot more than any games (though Tony Hawk's 3 and 4 were a pleasure)
  18. Velocity

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    I'm sure it has a DVD logo on the front aswell.
  19. Eliot


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    and then sony will walk into dx10...