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Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" Launched at $199

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Kaapstad, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Jono8


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    In that review the 1070 draw less power!! lol.

    "It's a creditable enough showing from AMD, but it is put into shade somewhat by the phenomenal result of the GTX 1070 - it's in an altogether different league in terms of performance and yet it offers the same ballpark consumption as the RX 480. This is perhaps not surprising bearing in mind that both cards are based on a 150W TDP."
  2. Toss3


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    Rofl efficiency. Using more watts than the GTX 1070. :p Yeah goodbye AMD.
  3. Scramz

    Wise Guy

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    Seems between 2600-2750 Firestrike Ultra scores. Seems to sit with all the earlier leaked scores.
  4. Toss3


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    Who in their right mind would buy this over the 390x?
  5. stuartdn


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    took a punt on the 8gig, want to try freesync anyway
  6. Armageus


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    Any crossfire benchmarks yet?


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  8. new boy


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    Why AMD?

    Why must you troll us so?
  9. sniffy


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    Hmm. I'm a bit unsure what to purchase now.

    I'm currently on a 7870, i5 ~4.5GHz and 8Gb 2666Mhz RAM. I probably won't be upgrading the card for a few years so wondering what will give best bang for buck and longevity. Seems the RX 480 performing just shy of cards in the £240 region but doesn't come with a free game.

    What do you guys recommend?
  10. RavenXXX2


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    WTF is going on, how can this supposedly low power GPU use more or same power as an 1070, is AMD that bad at designing GPUs?
  11. harney

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  12. Gregster


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    8GB Sapphire ordered :)
  13. teenwolf


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    a 970
  14. Scramz

    Wise Guy

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    Rather a £375 KFA OC 8GB 1070 over 2x £239.99 480 8GB'S. As expected.
  15. LtMatt


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  16. Gerard


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  17. Zhuni


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    Lol hype train turned out to be Percy from Thomas the tank engine
  18. Mr Latte


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  19. windheaven


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    a 390x is £249 and a 480 is £218 might as well buy the 390x
  20. Poneros


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