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Radeon VII

12 Mar 2008
It's amazing that companies can't get a launch right numbers wise. Just pure incompetence. And then you get the "We're going to gouge to put people off buying it" line! Please. :rolleyes: Selling PC components must be the most shady, Del Boy type business there is.
29 Jun 2016
Up Norf
Doubtful, the launch is timed badly due to CNY and CNY happens no matter what, so factories are shut down and as Sapphire make the majority of the cards, if they are not manufacturing they are not manufacturing, end of.
AMD would loving more than to drop 1000 units into each country hero and have an insane launch, sell 10k plus worldwide on day one, would do wonders for their share price and market share.

I've heard no such numbers mentioned by AMD, so maybe it is indeed made up but at the same time I've not asked AMD if they have a max production roll out.

Vega 56 and 64 was dead, but when I requested one last production run of 10,000 cards, they made it happen for us with Sapphire, hence the 56/64 deals we currently have, you will see no one can match our Sapphire deals. :)

Just out of curiosity do you import the units direct? or do you have a UK supplier?
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