Raid change help please?

19 Feb 2007
At Jedi school
HI Guys,

Just build be first PC in which initially I was going to run 2 x 250Gb barracudas in RAID 1 so that all of my data was safe.

I configured the raid driver, installed vista and everything is fine, however...

I have now decided that the only thing I am really bothered about backing up is my pictures and emails. So, rather than waste an expensive 250Gb HDD I though I'd be better off running the 2 barracudas in Raid 0 and then have a third drive (an old 80gb Maxtor IDE) and run scheduled back-ups to this drive of just the important stuff.

So my question is can I, and if so how do I change my mirrored raid drives to a striped array without losing my OS install or do I have to start again from scratch?

Forgive my ignorance but would could it be as easy as copying the OS from the current raid array to my MAXTOR drive, then re-configure the barracudas to raid 0 and simple copy the OS back over?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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