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Re-racking weights..

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by Reeve, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Ryan-3


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    At most, dumbells are left tidy beside the rack at my local gym. Weights are also tidied or left neatly. You have to stack most stuff in a slightly awkward fashion to fit them properly anyway, whether it be the boxfit stuff, resistance equipment, weights, dumbells... consistency must work I guess. :p
  2. wolfie138

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  3. Delvis


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    If you don't rerack gtfo quite frankly, sheer and utter laziness, nothing else for it.
  4. CaptainRAVE

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    Agreed, complete laziness.

    I would echo this, on the whole Nuffield is pretty good. Friendly crowd too. I chat with most of the regulars these days.
  5. mattx2

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    Last gym I went to re racking and organising the weights was my warm up I would actually be annoyed when it wasn't a mess as I would have to do some cardio
  6. davejh666


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    I go to a 24 hour gym, although it isn't a chain, it is a local one owned by a married couple. Got to say I have never found a gym that is so well respected by the members. I have never found any machine or barbell to have weights left on them. Dumbells are also always put away.

    Have been to Pure/The Gym/LA Fitness before and found plates and dumbells left laying about all over the place. No need for it, doesn't take 10 seconds to put away what you have used.
  7. Delvis


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    Saw a PT leave a plate, barbell attachment with barbell left IN the rack yesterday, nearly lost it :p
  8. neoboy


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    Yeah, I'm immune to it now but again it's down for the price you pay for your gym. Definitely wouldn't be happy with that if I paid £30+ for a gym a month but under a tenner at Pure, I still feel like I'm robbing them :p