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Road Cycling

Discussion in 'SA Archive' started by Zefan, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. madindehead


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    My other issue is, I bought Sidi shoes because they have the Look Memory bolt. Those cleats don't appear to have a memory slot.

    The biggest upgrades appear to be: power meter, Di2 stuff (Android/iOS app programming etc.), Dura-Ace specific disc brakes and new calipers with support for 28c tyres. And of course said wheels to match.
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  2. Vonhelmet


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    The thing that puzzles me is the upgrade kits to get you from Vector to Vector 2 or Vector S to Vector 2S. Those only cost like £120 or £80. So I don't get quite why you can't upgrade a Vector S right pedal with the guts from the upgrade kit.

    The testicles put me off the vectors, but at that price I can live with it, as the only comparably priced power meter is the precision, which is relatively unproven and seemingly unobtainable.
  3. Zefan


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    This one has grown to a hell of a size now. For the sake of forum performance this could do with closing and a new one reopening.

    Does someone keen want to whip up a new Road Cycling thread, one that can be updated over time with useful information?
  4. SoliD


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    I've one pod you could buy off me (vector 1), then you just need to source a pedal.

    The upgrade kit which I recently purchased only really contains the pods and a new plastic bit for the spindle. The complicated gizmos are still all in the pedal.

    New duraace di2 sounds interesting from a TT perspective with the semi synchro stuff.
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  5. madindehead


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    We should get FrenchTart to make a new one :p
  6. FrenchTart

    Man of Honour

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